10 Gorgeous Bathroom Paint Colors

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Grab your paintbrush because it’s time for a mini bathroom makeover with these chic bathroom paint colors!

If we’re going to be honest, choosing the right bathroom paint color can be tricky. Of course, we want our bathroom to have a calming vibe, but we also want it to look bright and chic. Additionally, aside from picking the right paint color, you also need to consider the bathroom’s size and how much natural light the space is getting.

When it comes to bathroom paint colors, the most common hue you will always see is white, and it’s no surprise since white can make a bathroom look clean, crisp, bright, and airy, which we all want our bathroom to look like. However, bold, dark colors can also transform your bathroom into a trendy and elegant space. It all depends on the style of your bathroom and what kind of atmosphere you want to create.

So, if you’re all ready to bring new life to your bathroom, here are the best bathroom paint colors to help you get started!

Warm White

Yes, we’re going to start our bathroom paint colors list with the timeless warm white. Warm white paint color can create a calming vibe. Pair the shade with classic marble tiles and metallic accents.

Sophisticated Black

Black bathroom paint color will never go out of style. It creates a dramatic and moody atmosphere. Combine the black paint color with a fun wallpaper print and gold accents for a chic bath.

Dusty Blue

Of course, if you don’t want to paint your walls, you can always breathe new life into your cabinets by giving them a fresh coat of paint. We’ve seen dusty blue as one of the most popular bathroom paint colors because it can make the space feel fresh and airy without going overboard.

Pretty Pink

Similar to black and white, pink will never go out of style. We’ve seen bathrooms with pink tiles, pink ceilings, or pink accents. In this bathroom by House Beautiful, the tiny bathroom looks visually interesting with the baby pink walls and eclectic gallery wall.

Sunny Yellow

Painting your bathroom with Pantone’s Color of the Year will definitely add a bright and cheerful vibe to the space. Pair it with gray and white for a classic look.

Dark Gray

Dark gray is one of the bathroom paint colors that most people choose as an alternative to black. If it seems like black is too dark for you, dark gray or charcoal are perfect alternatives.

Hunter Green

If sage green is the kitchen’s color of the year, hunter green is the ‘it’ bathroom paint color because it creates an earthy and warm vibe, especially if you pair it with natural decor like rattan storage baskets, wood cabinets, and plants.


Navy Blue

So, you’re not a fan of black and dark gray, but still want to achieve a timeless feel in your bath space. Then we suggest painting your bathroom navy blue.

Chic Red

Red is one of the bathroom paint colors that will always grab your attention no matter where you paint it because it creates such a strong statement. Paint your upper walls and ceiling with red and pair it with classic square tiles.

Classic White

Oh, yes. White will always be one of the top bathroom paint colors, especially in small bathrooms because it reflects light, which can make the space look brighter and airy. We suggest choosing a shade that matches your tiles and bath furnishings to create a cohesive look.

Time to shop for new cans of paint and transform your boring bathroom with these bathroom paint colors. Share us your #BathroomMakeover on Omysa’s Instagram! Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy painting!

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