Create the Bath of Your Dreams With These 10 Stylish Bathroom Reno Ideas

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Whether you’re planning to go for a full bathroom makeover, making a small style upgrade, or just daydreaming from your desk, these bathroom reno ideas will turn your bath into serious #goals.

OK, so you’ve decided to renovate your bathroom. Revamping your bathroom can make a big difference in your home (and your bubble baths, mirror selfies, and skincare routine). Of course, let’s not forget that it should also be functional, no matter the size. Lucky for you, we’re always on the lookout for creative and exciting ways to improve your bathroom and making it one step closer to becoming a relaxing and stylish oasis.


Revamp your bathroom by replacing your super plain tiles with patterned floor tiles with personality. It adds style, color, and interest to the floors.


Bring style to your small bathroom add adding even a proper vanity to keep your bathroom essentials and toiletries organized.


Bathroom tiles are one of our favorite bathroom reno ideas to make the space visually pleasing and to add a wow factor. While it’s elegant to have streamlined marble slabs, you can also opt for mini tiles to create a glistening effect. Plus, it amplifies the bathroom’s natural light.

Shower Area

One of the bathroom reno ideas for a knockout shower is to opt for a low-key look by using a neutral color, such as gray. In this bathroom designed by Jamie Bush + Co., the setup of terracotta tiles and gray design made a surprisingly beautiful combination.

Add Pattern

A simple white bathroom can look chic, but if you have a small bath space, it’s best to cover the walls with vibrant wallpaper to make the room look inviting.

Built-In Shelving & Floating Storage

One of the bathroom reno ideas you’ll see a lot this 2021 is built-in shelves and floating vanities. Built-in shelves add storage space to store bathroom plants and toiletries while floating vanities are space-saving solutions. It makes the bathroom look airy and easier to clean.

Freestanding Tub

Yes, you finally have an excuse to add a chic freestanding tub! Space-savvy white bathtub will be popular this 2021 because it works well in any bathroom style. It’s the perfect spot to unwind and relax after a stressful day.

Repaint the Cabinets

One of the easiest bathroom reno ideas is to repaint the cabinets with bold, vibrant colors or a calming hue, like blue. It can make the bathroom look feminine, calm, and serene. Plus, it goes well with so many other colors.


Show some love to your counter by revamping it with quartz or marble counters paired with black and gold accents for a chic look.


We all wish our bathroom is filled with lots of natural light. You can let more natural light in by opting for a skylight, but if that’s not an option, especially for renters, you can still make the space bright by installing a sufficient number of light fixtures, such as wall sconces or LED bulbs.

Your bathroom should be a place that helps you relax, and you actually want to be in after a tiring day. Spruce up your personal sanctuary and bring in personality with these bathroom reno ideas. Trust us, you might never leave the tub! Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy renovating!

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