12 Genius Small Bathroom Design Tricks

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Create a practical and stylish bathroom with our small bathroom design tricks. Trust us, your tiny bathroom might just be your next favorite room.

If you thought that decorating a small home is already difficult, better think again because creating a chic and functional small bathroom space will change your definition of difficult. It’s really challenging to the point that it’s better to give up and call a broker to help you find a new place. Seriously.

But before you pick up your phone, hear us out because there are a LOT of ways you can make your bathroom feel bigger and look stylish. Yes, it’s possible to make it look as good as luxurious bathrooms with our small bathroom design tricks.

Add a Big Mirror

Well, this is one of the design tricks you can use to make small spaces look bigger. Placing a mirror in the correct area of your bathroom allows you to optimize natural light. As a result, the room looks airy, brighter, and more spacious. However, if you don’t have enough natural light in your bathroom, use a wall-to-wall mirror to create the illusion of a bigger space. If both do not apply to your bathroom, you can simply add multiple mirrors to one wall.

Add a Shower Niche

Or little cubbies. Whichever you prefer. One of the main problems of having a small bathroom is storage space. You need to be creative on how you could maximize every square footage. For example, building a shower niche makes the room organized, and it saves space. To make it look chic, use the same tiles throughout so it blends right in.

Add Some Greenery

Next on our list of small bathroom design tricks is to give your small bathroom new life by adding indoor plants that thrive in humidity, such as Air PlantBambooBromeliadCalatheaDracaenaFiddle Leaf FigGolden PothosMajesty PalmMonsteraPeace LilyPhilodendronSnake Plant, and Spider Plant. Your bathroom may seem like a weird place to keep your plants, but it’s actually a great environment, especially for plants that need higher humidity levels to survive. Don’t forget to provide the right amount of sunlight and water, as well.

Choose a Fun Wallpaper

Choosing wallpaper for your small bathroom can make or break the space. You should also know your goal for designing your bathroom with wallpaper. This will help you choose the right wallpaper design. If you want to revamp the space to have that wow factor, then go for a wallpaper that has a bold design.

Create a Gallery Wall

Because why not? OK, it might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of bathroom decor, but no room is too small for artwork. It’s a smart design trick to utilize the unused wall space. Additionally, small spaces are the perfect places to create a gallery wall.

Go White

One of the simplest small bathroom design tricks is to design an all-white bathroom. Sure, some people may say it’s boring, but it’s practical because it makes the space feel bigger and brighter, which is what you need in a small space. To make the space look visually attractive, use interesting materials or natural materials, such as light wood cabinets and natural stone countertop.

Install a Floating Shelf

Adding to our list of small bathroom design tricks is to install floating shelves. This creates a proper storage place for your bath products and towels. It’s also an excellent spot for your bathroom plant.

Install a Skylight

Yes, it’s one of the more ambitious small bathroom design tricks, but it will make a positive impact. Installing a skylight, specifically in your shower area, will open up your entire bathroom, making the space feel airy and brighter. Again, natural light is the key to making a small space feel bigger. So if you feel like your windows aren’t enough, install a skylight. It may take you a day or two to complete the design, but it’s worth it!

Install Good Lighting

Lighting choices can make or break your small bathroom’s design and mood. It’s important to consider scale when choosing a light fixture for your small bathroom. It shouldn’t overpower the room, but it shouldn’t get lost either. Additionally, it’s best to layer lighting for a balanced effect. We recommend that you install at least three sources of light in your bathroom, including the mirror areas and sink.

For example, in this bathroom designed by Corey Damen Jenkins, you will instantly notice the oversized pendant. It adds just enough contrast to the colorful motif of the bathroom, but it also floods the room with light.

Opt for Glass Shower Doors

This is an obvious design trick if you have a small bathroom. Pretty similar to using a mirror, using glass shower doors can make your small bathroom look more spacious by opening up the space. Ditch the foggy glass or dark curtain, and install glass doors for an open atmosphere.

Tuck It Away

Adding on to our list of small bathroom design tricks is to think outside the box when creating a storage space for your bathroom. It’s best to tuck it away by building a customized storage cabinet. A perfect example would be this bathroom by Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design. You will notice that even the sink is built inside the stylish cabinet. There’s also a hidden mini fridge for storing beauty and skincare products. This smart storage solution makes the room look chic and functional.

Use Tile to Your Advantage

If you have an itsy-bitsy tiny bathroom, it’s best to use tile to your advantage, which means that you should use waterproof materials throughout the room, so it’s okay when everything gets soaked with water. It’s also important to create a central drain. To make it look chic, you can change your shower head and install towel racks to the walls. Don’t forget to add a mirror cabinet for your bathroom essentials and to keep things bright by sticking to a neutral color palette.

Designing a tiny bathroom can be a real challenge, but it’s doable, especially with our small bathroom design tricks. Give your small bathroom a makeover because you deserve to live large, no matter the budget and size.

Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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