12 Smart Bathroom Shelf Ideas

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Whether you have a Hollywood sized bathroom or a tiny powder room, these smart and stylish bathroom shelf ideas will get the job done.

Admit it, your bathroom is the quickest area in your home, that gets disorganized. It’s the messiest and most cluttered space in the house, from your countertop to your drawers.

One of the most important things to remember whenever you’re organizing an area in your home is to have a designated spot to keep your bathroom items, like towels, toiletries, and cleaning products. So, where do you put all that stuff? How can you effectively organize your bathroom necessities?

Read on for a fresh batch of smart and stylish bathroom shelf ideas, from sleek floating shelves to built-in storage units, there’s a storage solution for every bathroom size and budget.

Above-the-Door Rack

First, on our list of bathroom shelf ideas is an above-the-door storage rack to hold extra towels and bathroom supplies.

Bathtub Floating Shelves

If you have a small bathroom space, it’s important to maximize every square inch, and that includes your wall. Install floating shelves over the tub to create an extra storage room for your bath products and towels. It’s also a nice location for your bathroom plant.

  1. Trudy Bath Shelf | 2. Agnes Pearlescent Floating Wall Shelf | 3. Floating Lines Single Shelf

Repurposed Bar Cart

Got an unused bar cart in your home? Use it as a bathroom shelf for your bath products and skincare products. Stock it with stylish wicker baskets for towels and toiletries. It’s also a perfect place for your scented candles and bathroom book.

Under-the-Sink Storage

Next on our bathroom shelf ideas is to create an under-the-sink storage space for your extra linens, beauty products, and hair products. Make it stylish by painting it with your bathroom’s interior color or by adding a vase of fresh flowers.

Three-Tier Shelves

Use a three-tier shelf for your bathroom items. Plus, go for a black and white three-tier shelf for a bright and clean look.

  1. Beatrix Wall Mounted Shelving Unit | 2. Lauren Wall Shelf | 3. Floating Lines Wall Shelf

Use an Etagere

Next on our bathroom shelf ideas is to use an étagère to store your towels and bath products. It’s the perfect shelving unit for renters or for someone who doesn’t want to make any permanent changes in the place. You can easily place this in your tiny bathroom since it’s slim and lightweight.

  1. Bamboo Tiered Shelf | 2. Amelia Bathroom Storage Shelf | 3. Wesley Corner Shelf

Over-the-Door Storage Rack

If you’re short on wall space, then use an over-the-door storage rack for your bathroom essentials.

Chic Storage Options

There are a lot of chic and creative bathroom storage ideas for your bathroom items, like using an old wooden ladder to hang your towels, wicker baskets, and stylish wooden stools.

  1. White-Dipped Ladder | 2. Silvia Bamboo Storage Bin | 3. Bamboo Hamper

Install a Cabinet

Install a cabinet in your bathroom to store bathroom items and fragile items. This is especially perfect if you have young kids.

  1. Wesley Wall Cabinet | 2. Plymouth Sliding Storage Mirror | 3. Mid-Century Bathroom Pharmacy Cabinet

Use Trays

Next on our bathroom shelf ideas is to be resourceful. If you don’t have enough space for shelves, use trays to create extra storage for your beauty products, and small bathroom items.

  1. Agate Cheese Board | 2. Madre De Cacao Wood Pedestal | 3. Olenna Vanity Stand

Over The Sink Shelf

If you don’t have a cabinet in your bathroom, you can install a floating shelf above the sink for your bathroom essentials. You could also install a few floating shelves above the toilet for more storage space.

Use Unexpected Furniture

Lastly, on our bathroom shelf ideas is to use antique or old furniture as storage for your bathroom items. Plus, it adds a unique character to your bathroom space.

That’s a wrap for our smart bathroom shelf ideas. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s blog. Happy decorating!

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