5 Best Bathroom Wall Options

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Enough with the same old, same old bathroom walls! Give your bathroom a quick makeover with these bathroom wall options.

Bathroom walls can be a bit difficult to decorate since it’s a “splash zone.” So having waterproof bathroom walls is important because it will help you avoid problems, such as leaks, mold, water damage, and more. While many of us would immediately choose tiles since it’s water-resistant even though it’s fairly inexpensive, there are other bathroom wall options that you can choose from. These bathroom wall options, just like tiles, are easy to clean, stylish, and water-resistant. If you are looking for the quickest way to transform your bath, consider these bathroom wall options.

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Top 5 Bathroom Wall Options

BeadboardIt protects bathroom walls against direct moisture from the bathtub or shower.It has a traditional look that may not work for all bathroom styles.
PaintPaint has mildew and mold-inhibiting additives.Bathroom paint is twice more expensive as regular interior paint.
Tile100% waterproof as long as it is properly installed.Tiles can sometimes make your bath feel sterile.
TileboardThe quickest way to fix bad drywall in a bathroom.A poor substitute for real tile because of its medium-density fiberboard (MDF) with a hard melamine layer on top.
Vinyl WallpaperVery easy to install because it can be unpeeled and reapplied.Some vinyl wallpaper is not suited for bathroom walls with heavy moisture.


Beadboard is one of the bathroom wall options that provide coverage for the lower half of your bathroom walls. It can be painted with glossy paint or semi-gloss, which helps protect the lower half of your bathroom walls against moisture. It also gives your bathroom a classic or traditional look, which perfectly suits classic or traditional interior styles.


Use high gloss sheen or semi-gloss bathroom paint to avoid getting a flat or matte surface wherein the paint’s pores trap water. However, premium bathroom paint with mold-killing additives is the best. Plus, using bathroom paint is the most affordable bathroom wall option.

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One of the bathroom wall options is 100% waterproof as long as it is properly installed. Design is one of your priorities since too many tiles can make your bath space feel busy, ponderous, and sterile.

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It looks like ceramic tile, but the tileboard comes in large format panels. It’s cheap and easy to install. It’s one of the bathroom wall options for a basement bathroom or guest bathroom. Make sure to keep all seams and edges caulked with bathroom-grade silicone caulk to avoid tileboard swelling.

Vinyl Wallpaper

Peelable vinyl wallpaper is one of the best bathroom wall options against indirect, ambient moisture. Plus, you can actually try it out before applying it. Additionally, vinyl wallpaper creates a hotel ambiance in your bathroom.

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Beautify your bathroom walls with these bathroom wall options. You can actually mix and match materials in different areas, especially if your bathroom has divided spaces.

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