Practical and Stylish 2021 Bathroom Trends

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Use these 2021 bathroom trends as a guide to turning your bath into a chic, restful retreat. Some of these trends are budget-friendly and easy to do!

Cleanliness and proper hygiene continue to be top priorities in high-traffic areas of your home, such as the bathroom, kitchen, and living room. We know that sometimes your bath may be the smallest room in your space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate them to the nines. Design experts share that your bathroom is the perfect room to experiment with bold colors, finishes, and patterns. So whether you’re planning a total overhaul, these 2021 bathroom trends will surely inspire your next makeover.

Back-Lit Mirrors

Linda Lang, the senior staff designer at Robern, shares with BHG that backlit mirrors and medicine cabinets will be part of the 2021 bathroom trends since they are an exceptional choice for modern bathroom design. Plus, a backlit mirror can be decorative as well as functional, too, since it can double as a nightlight when dimmed. Lang added that a backlit mirror creates a glowing effect on the wall giving the illusion of a floating mirror.

Floating Vanities

Floating vanities will always be a trend no matter what year because it has more customization options and space-saving storage solution. Bob Gifford, director of business development for Hastings Tile & Bath, adds that you can use storage cabinets on the wall vertically or horizontally, open or closed, higher or lower. A wall-hung vanity is clean and airy and doesn’t seem like a big heavy box on the floor. Let’s not forget that it’s easier to clean bathroom floors, too.

Large-Format Wall Tiles

Suzanne Zurfluh, director of design and trend at Emser Tile, predicts that larger format tiles will be one of the 2021 bathroom trends. “The movement toward larger format tiles will gain momentum in the coming year as this style can make a big impact on a space while displaying fewer grout lines, which means stone-look materials. Fewer grout lines also mean less to clean. A perfect choice for shower surrounds.” It looks sophisticated when paired with natural stone and stone-look materials.

Additionally, nontraditional subway tiles in different colors, finishes, sizes, and textures will be a big 2021 bathroom design trend. “Warm, inviting neutrals and earthy hues such as beige, tan, brown, and mushroom shades will gain popularity as they provide an ideal setting for authentic materials,” says Zurfluh in an interview with BHG.

Quartz Countertops

Massimo Ballucchi, executive director of marketing for Cosentino Americas, says that quartz is resistant to scratching and staining and is also easy to maintain, so it’s no surprise that designers picked it as the top countertop material for baths. Plus, quartz surfacing is non-porous, and it is inherently less susceptible to fostering bacteria.

Smart Toilets

According to the NKBA 2021 design trends report, smart toilets and bidets are finding a prominent place in the post-pandemic home since smart toilets have hands-free components, like self-closing lids and touch-free flushing, which reduce interactions with germy surfaces. Plus, wellness design consultant Jamie Gold shares with BHG that one of the features to look forward to is self-cleaning technology, which includes bacteria-killing light under the lid, interior mechanisms that do the cleaning for you, and cling-free bowl surfaces.

Space-Savvy Soaking Tubs

One of the 2021 bathroom trends design experts are looking forward to is adding tubs where you can rest and unwind after a stressful day. According to a Houzz bathroom trends study, flat-bottom, freestanding tubs will be more popular than clawfoot models or more decorative bases in 2021. Kim Frechette, national sales manager for Americh, says that simple tub silhouettes, especially in white, work well in any bathroom style. Of course, let’s not forget that a separate shower and tub is still the most popular bath layout.

Warm Colors

Vibrant and warm colors will be popular in 2021, especially in bathrooms. Opt for new long-lasting paints to help your bathroom stay cleaner for longer. Paint brands that are more hygienic, stain-resistant, and able to withstand pandemic-motivated cleaning, according to BHG.

Wood-Look Tiles

Zurfluh says that we will be seeing a lot of ceramic and porcelain tiles that mimic natural hardwood finishes and high-contrast marbles. Plus, both materials offer a wide range of unique benefits, such as durability, easiness of maintenance and cleanliness, hypoallergenic characteristics, resistance to moisture and bacteria, and a wide variety of styles and vibrant colors.

So take your bath to the next level with these 2021 bathroom trends! Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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