7 Hotel Bathroom Tricks to Steal

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No gut renovation required to make your bathroom look posh and lush. Try out these hotel bathroom tricks for a luxurious feel!

We all wish to have a luxurious bathroom just like the ones in the hotels. Perfect layout, great design yet functional. It’s the perfect bathroom to unwind after a long, stressful day. Guess what? You can finally have the bathroom of your dreams with these hotel bathroom tricks you can easily do at home!

Go Classic With Subway Tiles

A budget-friendly way to create a hotel-like bathroom is to use classic subway tiles. You can also opt for peel and stick tiles for rental bathroom spaces.

Gorgeous Paint Color

One of the hotel bathroom tricks you can easily do is to choose an elegant bathroom paint color, such as warm white, dusty blue, or classic white. However, you can choose any color depending on the style of your bathroom and what kind of atmosphere you want to create.

Combine Tub and Shower

You can still make your tiny bathroom hotel-like by combining the shower and bathtub. Take inspo from the Ace Hotel New Orleans.

Mix and Match

Mix and match textures and styles like this wooden bath sink paired with black tiles and an eclectic rug.

Add Brass

Brass always looks good whatever material you compare it with, but it looks divine paired with marble. Most hotels use this décor idea to portray a lush feel.

Trendy Floating Vanity

Aside from it saves floor space, floating vanity can also create a trendy and posh atmosphere. Choose a floating vanity with a lower shelf to store your towels and other bath essentials.

Good Lighting Is Everything

Most hotel bathrooms have lots of natural light because of their oversized windows. It’s one of the most popular Instagram bathroom shots by influencers, a bathtub with an oversized window overlooking the city. You can either recreate the exact décor idea, install a skylight, or install a large pendant that will fill the space with light.

Start your bathroom makeover with these hotel bathroom tricks! Don’t forget to share your work on Omysa’s Instagram! Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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