12 Cozy Bedroom Ideas That Will Make You Want to Stay in Bed All Day

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Transform your space with these budget-friendly & chic cozy bedroom ideas. Warning: getting out of bed will be much more difficult (we’re sorry!)

Fact: You need to have a cozy bedroom now more than ever. In this crazy and weird times, it’s nice to step away from it all and retreat to your safe space for quality hibernation. We have mentioned before that your bedroom should be the most comfortable room in your home, but for most people, it’s quite difficult to have a comfortable and stylish bedroom at the same time. Today, we’re going to share cozy bedroom ideas that are stylish, as well.

Add a Personal Touch

One of the easiest ways to make your bedroom cozy and unique is to add a personal touch. It could be as simple as creating a gallery wall of your family and friends or displaying your collection.

  1. ‘Donkey, Llama, Goat, Sheep’ – Print on Canvas | 2. Minimalist Gallery Frame | 3. Italy Coast Houses Minimal Abstract Painting Framed Art Print | 4. Gustav Klimt The Kiss Poster | 5. ‘Elephant in a Tub Funny Animal Bathroom’ by Rachel Neiman – Drawing Print | 6. Greenhouse By Sara Boccaccini Meadows Framed Canvas Wall Art

Add an Area Rug

Next on our list of cozy bedroom ideas is to add a plush area rug in your bedroom. This creates a cozy mood, an extra oomph of texture, and warmth to the space.

  1. Dawson Gray Area Rug | 2. Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie Textured Eva Rug | 3. Chevron Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Rug | 4. Quinn Woven Rug | 5. Antoine Scandinavian Geometric Shag Gray/Black/Beige Area Rug | 6. Yellow Wide Stripe Cotton Chindi Area Rug

Add Touches of Wood

Wood has a very warm feel to it, so it’s no brainer that it can make your bedroom feel like a cozy haven. For example, a farmhouse style bedroom looks bright and cozy because most of the materials used are wood.

  1. Donnelly 3 Drawer Dresser | 2. Farmhouse Nightstand | 3. Hanging Shelves | 4. Harvey Mid Century Modern Rocking Chair | 5. Slatted Wooden Headboard | 6. Honey Rattan Daybed Frame

Bring Nature In

Adding to our list of cozy bedroom ideas is to add bedroom plants to enliven the space. Also, houseplants are proven to help you have a better sleep. Some low-maintenance plants that are perfect for beginners are aloe vera, pothos, and snake plant.

  1. Audrey Preserved Floral Bouquet | 2. Red Prayer Plant | 3. ZZ Plant | 4. Snake Plant Laurentii | 5. The Cathy | 6. Small Live Assorted Air Plant – Set of 4

Cozy Blanket

Adding blankets with cozy textures and soft colors like a cable-knit throw can make a bed look snuggly. It’s best to layer throws on your bed to create a comfortable bedroom space.

  1. Critchfield Fluffy Throw | 2. Vanessa Knit Throw Blanket | 3. Throw Blanket Dusty Pink Stripe with Poms | 4. Stargazer Plush Throw Blanket | 5. Nader Tweed Knitted-Design Throw | 6. Blue Multicolor Stitch Fringe Throw Blanket

Choose a Comfortable Bed

Next on our list of cozy bedroom ideas is to choose a comfortable bed. It can be as simple as a mattress on the floor with lots of soft pillows or a dramatic bed that dominates your room. What’s important is it helps you have a better sleep.

Cover the Windows

Bare, cold windows look aesthetically pleasing, but it will make the bedroom look cold, as well. To create a cozy bedroom, it’s best if you cover the windows with a simple curtain. It could be a simple white sheer curtain or a black curtain to have a better sleep. Avoid using curtains with a strong pattern since it takes away the balance of the rest of your bedroom.

Create a Reading Nook

Adding to our list of cozy bedroom ideas is to create a tiny reading nook by placing a bedside bookcase instead of a traditional nightstand. That’s much better, right? Just imagine snuggling in bed with a good book!

Create Ambiance With Lighting

An easy way to create a cozy bedroom is to pay attention to your lighting. Yes, you need a ceiling light, but the brightness would be quite harsh while you’re in bed. So, it’s best to place a lamp or install a low light to create a cozy mood in your room.

  1. Keystone 19″ Desk Lamp | 2. Blossom Task Lamp | 3. Organizer Task Lamp | 4. Willow USB Desk Lamp | 5. Copenhaver 18″ Desk Lamp | 6. Rust Metal Adjustable Pharmacy Table Lamp

Go for Calming Colors and Natural Materials

Painting a room can instantly transform a space. One of the easiest ways to create a cozy bedroom is to paint the space with calming colors like blue-gray, lavender, neutral beige, sage green, or white. Also, furnish your room with decor made of natural materials like wood to add warmth to the space.

Pillows Galore

There is no such thing as too much pillow on your bed. If only I can make a bed out of pillows, I would. Adding to our list of cozy bedroom ideas is to choose chic and comfortable pillows that won’t give you a stiff neck in the morning. Of course, it depends on you on how pillows you want on your bed.

  1. Colmars Striped Throw Pillow | 2. Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie Textured Eva Pillow | 3. Classic Faux Fur Pillow | 4. Winky Embroidered Pillow | 5. Beechmeadow Cotton Throw Pillow (Set of 4) | 6. Ivory Velvet Throw Pillow

Switch to Minimalist Bedroom

Lastly, on our list of cozy bedroom ideas is to switch to a minimalist style, especially if you have a small bedroom. Create a chic and cozy minimalist bedroom by adding stand-alone decor like a unique light fixture, nightstand, or eye-catching bedroom wall art.

That’s a wrap on our chic and cozy bedroom ideas. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s blog. Happy decorating!

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