6 Smart Bedroom Layout Solutions for Every Room Size

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If moving your furniture for the nth time isn’t working at all, then we have bedroom layout solutions to create a space that feels put together and layered.

OK, you’ve tried everything you can, but you can’t figure out how to make your bedroom, well, look like a cozy bedroom and put together. The worst is you’ve spent so much on the dresser, nightstands, and you even painted the wall to match your bed. That’s the sad reality, every bedroom layout needs to cater to the room they’re in. It’s not one size fits all. So if you’re already on the verge of crying, check these bedroom layout solutions first because this might be the answer to your problem.

One of the most common problems when designing a bedroom is how to fill empty corners and make it stylish. It’s too small for an accent chair but way too big fora side table. Well, this is good news for plant parents because they have another excuse to buy a few more pots of bedroom plants. This will definitely enliven the empty corner. You can also install an antique floor mirror, create a gallery wall, or use the empty corner as a storage space.

This bedroom by Bespoke Only designed an awkward empty corner with a perfectly undone look by adding framed prints on the floor, a Scandinavian rocking chair, a simple side table decorated with an antique lamp.

Bare Window

A large bare window looks boring and sad, except if there’s a beautiful view. However, if you have a small bare window, it’s best to transform the unused space into a cozy reading nook by adding a small narrow storage bench along with a few decorative pillows.

Bedroom in a Studio

Creating a bedroom in a studio space can be quite tricky. Trust me, I have been to so many studio homes, and this is always the main problem. If you live in a studio unit, it’s important to have extra privacy in your sleeping area. Position your bed against the sidewall and install a curtain that you can close off whenever there are guests around or you want to sleep.

Extra Large Bedroom

Having an extra-large bedroom is both a blessing and a curse. You’ll be happy how spacious your bedroom is, but you’ll also have trouble in making a space that feels put together and layered. It’s best to create a cozy seating area in your bedroom to eliminate that awkward and empty space by adding an area rug, couch, and a coffee table.

Long and Narrow Bedroom

A long and narrow bedroom can only mean one thing, a lot of space at the foot of the bed. This makes the whole bedroom feel cold and empty, which is the exact opposite of what a bedroom should be. Utilize the space by placing a dresser, sofa, storage bench, or trunk at the foot of your bed.

Simple Bedroom

A plain bedroom can feel a little cold, especially if it’s a small room with no space for a chair or bench. If this is the case of your bedroom, then go for the walls and add a floor plant to enliven the space. Create a gallery wall of your favorite art pieces or photos of your family and friends. You can also paint a mural or hang a DIY macrame wall art.

That’s a wrap for our bedroom layout solutions. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s blog. Happy decorating!

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