7 Best Bedroom Colors for Sleep

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From calming blue to cheerful yellow, these are the best bedroom colors for sleep!

Getting a proper amount of sleep is important since it repairs our body and re-energizes us for the next day, which is why it’s also important to create a relaxing and cozy space where you feel comfortable. Experts say that the colors in your bedroom can affect the quality and amount of your sleep. So before you choose a color for your bedroom, check out these bedroom colors that promote healthy sleeping habits.


Blue is considered to be the best bedroom color for sleep because it can automatically create a calming and soothing atmosphere. Additionally, people wake up in a happy and good mood in a blue room. So if you’re going to repaint your bedroom, go for blue.


One of the best bedroom colors for sleep is yellow. It creates a cozy and cheerful atmosphere. Similar to blue, people wake up in a sunny mood in a yellow room.


A bit unexpected, but orange or terracotta is another excellent bedroom color choice because it creates a warm and happy atmosphere. When it comes to painting your bedroom with orange, you can go subtle and combine it with creamy whites to create a balanced color scheme. You can also opt for terracotta or clay orange for a relaxing vibe.



Green is one of the best bedroom colors for sleep since it reminds us of nature. We suggest adding bedroom plants to create a peaceful space.


Dramatic yet sophisticated, silver is another bedroom color that promotes peaceful rest. Also, it makes the bedroom look bigger and brighter because it bounces light. Take note that silver is different from gray. Gray tones are flat and it’s not as inviting as silver.


Of course, white is one of the best bedroom colors for sleep. Having a white bedroom with fluffy white bedding feels like sleeping on a cloud. The white paint color creates a dreamy mood and soothing atmosphere.


If you want a soft and feminine bedroom look, opt for blush pink or muted pink that’s close to skin tone. Avoid choosing hot pink since it’s energetic and mentally stimulating, which will keep you awake all night.

Overall, the best bedroom colors for sleep are soft, muted, and natural hues. You might be confused that we didn’t include black. Black tends to be uninspiring or depressing for some. However, if you’re going to paint your bedroom black, opt for soft black and make sure you have enough natural light in your bedroom. If you love bold colors, such as red or dark gray, you can use them as an accent color. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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