These 7 Feng Shui Bedroom Tips Might Actually Help You Get a Restful Sleep

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Optimize your bedroom and bring on the good vibes with these effective feng shui bedroom tips, according to experts.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese concept about the flow of positive energy. Of course, we’re all in when it comes to bringing positive energy into our homes, especially in our bedroom since it’s the space where we go to relax and destress. Experts say there are a few and easy feng shui bedroom changes you can do to achieve those goals.

Position of Your Bed

OK, let’s start with the position of your bed. According to feng shui experts, having a view of the door from your bed without being too close can give you a sense of safety and security. Plus, it helps you sleep better. However, avoid positioning the foot of the bed towards the door as it’s considered to be bad luck. If it can’t be avoided, it’s best to place a high bench or table at the foot of the bed.

Additionally, place the head of the bed against a wall, but avoid positioning it under a window as this can cause restless sleep. Experts also recommend not to place your bed under a ceiling fan or decorative beam as this can harm your health and relationships.

Unplug and Hide Electronics and Exercise Gear

One of the feng shui bedroom tips to get better sleep is to unplug an hour before your bedtime. Make sure to hide gadgets and electronics in your nightstand to avoid distraction. For bedrooms with exercise gear or a workspace, it’s recommended that you block the view or place a room divider.

Clear the Clutter

Of course, keeping your bedroom clean and organized is a must. Feng shui experts shared that a messy and disorganized bedroom can block the flow of qi. It can also disturb sleep and prevent things and plans from moving forward. Make sure to keep your nightstand and closet neat and organized. Also, avoid using under the bed as storage.

Relocate Mirrors

Limit the number of mirrors you put in your bedroom since mirrors can be the culprit in preventing you from getting a night of restful sleep. Feng shui experts say that mirrors bounce energy around the bedroom and amplifies worries. Never hang a mirror on the wall opposite your bed since it’s believed that it can promote infidelity.

Be Mindful About Artwork

One of the feng shui bedroom tips to consider is the artwork you hang on your walls. It should be inspiring and relaxing. Feng shui experts recommend hanging artwork on the wall opposite your bed. As much as possible, avoid hanging artwork of lake, waterfall, or anything related to water as it promotes financial or relationship losses in the bedroom.

Decorate in Twos

Double up every décor in your bedroom, especially for couples. For example, two identical nightstands. It’s also best to add oval-shaped or circle-shaped furniture.

Choose Relaxing Paint Colors

Lastly, choose soothing paint colors that will help you unwind and relax after a long day. Opt for warm colors, such as beige, cream, coral, tan, or cocoa. Avoid using too many cool colors as this can interfere with relaxation. Feng shui experts advised aiming for balance, like 50% warm tones and 50% cool paint hues, such as blues and greens.

Welcome the good vibes this 2021 by trying out these feng shui bedroom tips. Not only will it improve the quality of your sleep, but it can improve relationships, as well. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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