The Perfect Bedroom Color Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Can’t decide what color to paint your bedroom? Let the stars (and these paint colors) guide you on the perfect bedroom color based on your zodiac sign!

Colors carry energy that can either positively or negatively affect your bedroom’s mood. Either they can make the space feel calm or full of energy. When painting your space, consider choosing bedroom color based on your zodiac sign since your sign defines your personality traits.

Aries color: Red

The color red perfectly defines Aries’ personality which’s full of energy, passion, and initiative. You can either paint your bedroom red or add red bedroom décor. The more shades of red you surround yourself with, the greater your natural powers can be.


Taurus color: Green

Taurus is so connected with nature and growth which makes green the perfect bedroom color. It’s a color that symbolizes absolute progress and enhances their connection with nature.

Gemini color: Yellow

Geminis are known to have brilliant thoughts which makes yellow the perfect color for this sign. It triggers their curiosity and thoughts. It also enhances their focus and mental abilities.

Cancer color: White

If you’re cancer, then white is the perfect bedroom color based on your zodiac sign. It’s the color of intuition and purity, which describes cancer’s personality traits.


Leo color: Gold

Do you love gold? You’re such a Leo! You have a warm heart and positive spirit, which makes gold the perfect bedroom color based on your zodiac sign.


Virgo color: Brown

Virgos are focused on continuous growth, which makes brown the perfect bedroom color. Not to mention that you always want to improve yourself any chance you get!

Libra color: Pink

For Libras, bring out your likable personality traits with the color pink. It symbolizes the sweet and loving nature of your sign.

Scorpio color: Black

The dark and mysterious Scorpio sign, black is the perfect bedroom color based on your zodiac sign. Since this sign is focused on transformation, black is the best color since it symbolizes death and rebirth, letting go and transforming for the better.


Sagittarius color: Purple

Purple symbolizes abundance and awareness, which describes the Sagittarius personality.

Capricorn color: Gray

For Capricorns, the color gray will guide you to take the most practical path in life. It can enhance your reliability and solidity too.


Aquarius’ color: Blue

Brilliant with restless energy, the Aquarius bedroom color is blue to create balance.

Pisces color: Light Green

Pisces is known for healing and rejuvenating. Light green defines inspiration and renewal, which is the perfect color for Pisces’ personality.

So if you’re still overwhelmed with the task of choosing paint colors, just remember that astrology has the answer! Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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