7 Bedroom Decorating Mistakes That Makes Interior Designers Cringe

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From ignoring clutter to using too many bright colors, these are the bedroom decorating mistakes you are probably making that are throwing off your zen.

A well-designed bedroom has the power to promote a night of peaceful sleep and a positive mood. However, decorating a bedroom on your own can be a challenging task. It would literally stress you out before it feels like a place you can unwind in. Plus, it’s inevitable to make bedroom decorating mistakes, especially if it’s your first time to decorate. Don’t fret because the best interior designers in the industry are here to stop you from common bedroom decorating mistakes so you can create a cozy sleeping space.

Mistake #1: Blank Boring Walls

An empty and plain bedroom wall can make the space feel boring, impersonal, and unfinished. Forgetting about the artwork is one of the most common bedroom decorating mistakes interior designers always notice. However, Julie Massucco Kleiner of Massucco Warner Miller suggested hanging art on your bedroom walls so that you will something wonderful on the walls whenever you go to sleep and wake up.

Tip: Create a gallery wall of your favorite pieces in your bedroom. This makes the space feel more personal and lived-in. You can highlight your artwork or go for a mix of framed pieces with taped up vintage finds.

Mistake #2: Cluttered and Disorganized

Your bedroom should be a breathable and relaxing space, so it’s important to eliminate unnecessary items and organize your personal items with built-in shelves, dressers, floating shelves, or nightstand. You can also use wicker baskets or small trays.

Tip: If you have a small bedroom, use the space under your bed with baskets to store your clothes and other stuff.

Mistake #3: Disregarding Mood Lighting

Set the mood in your bedroom by installing different types of light. Plus, it’s better for the eyes. For example, add indirect and task lighting. If you want something extra and fab, opt for a fancy chandelier.

Mistake #4: Furniture is Too Large or Small

One of the most common bedroom decorating mistakes interior designer Trip Haenisch always notices is that the bedroom furniture is too large or too small for the space. He suggested that you take the measurements of the piece you want to buy and lay it out with blue tape so that you have a much better sense of the furniture piece in the bedroom.

Mistake #5: Going Overboard With Pillows

You might think that there’s no such thing as too many pillows in the bedroom, but for interior designer Trip Haenisch, there is. It’s actually one of his pet peeves because it looks like the bed gets swallowed up by pillows. He recommends that you use four regular pillows and at least one or two decorative pillows. Plus, pick pillows that will help you sleep well, so you won’t have to fill up your entire bed with lots of pillows.

Mistake #6: Neglected Bedding

If you think about it, we spend almost one-third of our lives in bed. Nice linens are worth the investment!” according to Haenisch in an interview with MyDomaine. So don’t scrimp on your bedding and choose the best quality linen and duvet that you can afford. Plus, once you pay special attention to your bedding, it will absolutely improve the look of the bedroom and your sleep too.

Mistake #7: Using Too Many Bright Colors

Well, there’s nothing really wrong if you want a sunny yellow bedroom that will help you wake up in the morning, but if you want a cozy bedroom that will help you feel calm, choose a neutral palette. You can also decorate your bedroom with warm, light neutrals.

Stop making these bedroom decorating mistakes, and we can guarantee you that you’ll be able to create a space to decompress and rest after a stressful day. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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