5 Cozy Bedroom Décor Ideas for Winter

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Winter is fast approaching. Turn your bedroom into a comfy haven with our favorite cozy bedroom décor ideas.

If you’re like us, you might be spending the chilly weather in your bedroom, curled up with a good book and a warm cup of cocoa. It would actually be nice to have a fireplace in the space too, but we know it’s probably not realistic due to various reasons like you’re renting or it’s out of your budget. However, we have a few of our favorite trusted cozy bedroom décor ideas to turn your space into a snuggly space you’ll never want to leave.

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Cozy Bedroom Décor Ideas

Winter-ify Your Bedding

Switch out your bedding with flannel sheets or if you’re feeling fancy, opt for a velvet coverlet. We also suggest adding a big, fluffy comforter and adding more cushy pillows to your bed. This will add volume to your bed, which makes it super cozy.

Add a Fur Throw

Whenever we redecorate our bedroom for winter, one of our must-have items is a big chunky blanket we can wrap ourselves into the whole cold season, like a faux fur throw or a big, chunky knit blanket.

Cozify Your Lighting

One of our cozy bedroom décor ideas is to add soft lighting in your bedroom, like a lamp with a low-watt bulb. It’s best to add lighting with warm tones to make the space feel inviting and homey.

Dark Curtains

Aside from switching out the bedding, we also love changing the curtains with darker colors or blackout curtains. If you’re feeling extra bold and daring, you can paint your bedroom with a darker color.

Layer Rugs on Rugs

Make the floor extra cozy by layering your floor rugs with another rug. Choose contrasting textures so you won’t end up with matchy-matchy floor rugs. It’s also important to note the colors and sizes of the rugs.

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