How to Decorate a Farmhouse Bedroom: The Ultimate Guide

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Exposed beams, industrial-chic lighting, reclaimed wood, and vintage pieces mixed with new decor accents makes a comfy and cozy farmhouse bedroom. Learn how you can create a chic farmhouse bedroom for sweet dreams ahead.

Your bedroom is arguably the most important room in your home. It’s where you both start and end your day. Plus, let’s be honest, it’s where you spend most of your time. That’s why it’s important to design your bedroom, that’s both comfortable and warm. A peaceful, simple, and uncluttered space where sleep is the highest priority. What more can be the perfect interior style? A farmhouse bedroom.

Since you’ve learned everything you need to know from our farmhouse ultimate guide for beginners and how to decorate a farmhouse living room, it’s time to redesign your bedroom into a space where you can curl up with a good book or simply relax after a stressful day.

Today, we’re going to help you on how to decorate a farmhouse bedroom. Whether it’s a chic cottage farmhouse style or a clean and crisp modern farmhouse, we got you covered! From the basic decor and furniture to the easiest way to update your bedroom space.

A farmhouse bedroom is centered on creating a bright, functional, and simple space. If you’re planning to use this style, always remember to keep the decor simple and understated. For example, use bamboo blinds and sheer curtains to allow the natural light to flow through the room.

An iron or wood bed frame paired with a vintage styled bronze sconce, an antique bedroom bench that also works as a storage space and table, wooden end table and picture frame, natural elements like a pot of fresh flowers, and of course, the white shiplap walls make the bedroom space charming, cozy, and relaxing.

So, what are the other decor and furniture you need to know to create a chic and cozy farmhouse bedroom?

Bed Frame

Let’s start with your bed frame. A farmhouse bedroom is known for its antique, timeless, and traditional elements. One of those elements is the bed frame. A farmhouse bed frame is usually made of iron or wood.

According to Curated Interior, there are four different types of farmhouse beds: iron/metal, spindle beds, upholstered, and wood.

  • Iron/Metal Bed: it’s the most popular choice for a farmhouse bedroom because it looks beautiful and timeless. You can create your own iron/metal farmhouse bed frame, or you can purchase one from our recommended farmhouse beds.
  • Spindle Bed: also known as Jenny Lind bed, named after Jenny Lind, which is also known as the Swedish Nightingale, who toured the US in the 19th century. It’s also very popular because it gives the bedroom a country feel. Plus, it has a very recognizable design.
  • Upholstered Bed: it’s less popular compared to the other farmhouse beds, but some homes prefer this style because of its elegant look.
  • Wood Bed: the most commonly used material to create a farmhouse bed frame because it gives any room a country and rustic vibe.
  1. Antique Full Bed | 2. Greenport Platform Bed | 3. Charmond Queen Upholstered Sleigh Bed | 4. Savoy Spool Bed | 5. Hudson Canopy Bed, Aged Iron | 6. Antonia Metal Canopy Bed | 7. Ferndale Metal Bed Black | 8. Reclaimed Wood & Iron Base Bed | 9. Bronze Metal Pipe Sadie Bed


Farmhouse nightstands are the perfect piece of furniture to keep your bedtime essentials. Like most farmhouse furniture, farmhouse nightstands are usually made of metal or wood, which gives a charming and rustic farmhouse feel.

Also, farmhouse nightstands have a lot of different designs. The farmhouse nightstand for your bedroom will depend on your needs and style. For example, a simple and straight-lined nightstand is perfect for a modern farmhouse bedroom, while a cottage or rustic styled nightstand is great for a cottage or traditional farmhouse bedroom.

  1. Mason Industrial Nightstand | 2. Wilma 1 Drawer Nightstand | 3. Jali-Carved Nightstand | 4. Johnelle Nightstand | 5. Grace 2-Drawer Side Table | 6. Everly Nightstand, Antiqued White | 7. Morrow Nightstand | 8. Toulouse Round Nightstand | 9. Cannery Bridge Nightstand | 10. Patched Wood Side Table | 11. Natural Tree Stump Side Table | 12. Turquoise Painted Wood And Metal Cabinet


Farmhouse dressers are large pieces of storage furniture found in the bedroom. It’s both functional and spacious. It’s the perfect piece of furniture to keep your clothes and store your other personal items. Plus, the top of the dresser can be decorated with a mirror, picture frames, pot of plants, table lamp, and other decor accents.

Like most farmhouse furniture, farmhouse dressers are usually made of wood. However, the style could be slightly distressed or have a “country home” style to its design, according to Curated Interior. Plus, it has a lot of different finishes. The most common farmhouse bedroom dressers are distressed white, natural wood, pinewood, and weathered gray.

  1. Java Teak Dresser | 2. Ellenton 6 Drawer Double Dresser | 3. Washed Wood Six-Drawer Dresser | 4. Starmore Dresser | 5. Casa Florentina Louis XVI Tall Dresser | 6. Marilyn Dresser, Porcelain White | 7. County Line Dresser Salt Oak Finish | 8. Amelia 6-Drawer Dresser | 9. Antique Black Wood Farmhouse Radine Dresser


Part of decorating a farmhouse bedroom is keeping the space organized and uncluttered. The great thing about designing a farmhouse bedroom is it has a lot of different storage options that you can choose from. Any storage unit will go well with any style that you will combine with the farmhouse theme. From portable storage baskets that you can personalize to wicker baskets for your slippers and throws.

  1. Brown/White 3 Piece Seagrass Basket Set | 2. A BY AMARA Metal Trunks – Set of 2 – Black | 3. Archive | 4. Safavieh Six Tiered Basket Storage Chest | 5. Honeycomb Woven Basket | 6. 19th-C. Small Mahogany Shelf | 7. Build Your Own Daily System Components | 8. Balboa Storage Trunk | 9. Hadley Lined Metal Storage Basket | 10. Bowen 60″ W Clothes Rack | 11. Sweater Knit Baskets | 12. Metal 9-Cubby Thomas Wall Storage


Farmhouse lighting is important in designing a farmhouse bedroom. It can make your bedroom look chic and timeless. Plus, the right lighting can create a comfortable ambiance and inviting space.

Like other farmhouse storage furniture, the farmhouse lighting is mostly made of glass, metal, and wood, which creates a country vibe and rustic look. When choosing a farmhouse lighting, go for an interesting shape or antique bulb. This will instantly give your farmhouse bedroom an interesting focal point.

  1. Brushed Steel Montes 3-Light Unique / Statement Drum Chandelier | 2. MINDTHEGAP Mudcloth Drum Ceiling Light – Small | 3. Blossom Chandelier | 4. Elk Home Livingston Chandelier | 5. Carriage House Pendants | 6. Ashburn Pendant, Natural | 7. Arcadia Pendant | 8. Nicklas 7 – Light 15.75″ Unique/Statement Drum Flush Mount | 9. Rectangular Gray Wood 3 Light Valencia Chandelier

Wall Art

Of course, a farmhouse bedroom wouldn’t be complete with filling an entire wall with farm-worthy artwork like collections, photos, prints, vintage maps, and paintings. From galvanized steel planters for your bedroom plants to mix and match vintage signs, there are a lot of ways to create a gallery wall to achieve that country and rustic vibe.

  1. 5 Piece Brushed Metal Flying Birds Wall Décor Set | 2. FORNASETTI Astronomici Wall Plate – No. 1 | 3. Capiz Wall Flower | 4. Pancho Wall Art | 5. Beyond Blue Art | 6. France, 1929 | 7. Wooden Wall Clock | 8. Westwind Toile Wallpaper | 9. Thankful Grateful Blessed Wood Plank Wall Art White | 10. Crescent Moon Wall Shelf | 11. Sunflower and Geranium 22″ Polyester Wreath | 12. Metal Windmill Wall Decor


Adding a mirror to your farmhouse bedroom is a beautiful complement to the farmhouse style. Plus, it’s interior style trick to make a space look brighter and more spacious. Farmhouse mirror decor is usually created from reclaimed wood or repurposed exterior windows. Also, it often incorporates distressed or weathered finishes for a vintage feel.

  1. Echo Moon Phase Mirror Black | 2. EO Balloon Mirror – Large | 3. Panama Mirror | 4. Meron | 5. Southern Enterprisess Holly & Martin Decorative Demilune 48″ Mirror | 6. Cassidy Mirror | 7. Delhi Floor Mirror, Ivory | 8. Teak Ladder Mirror | 9. Set of 3 Dima Round Decorative Wall Mirrors Copper | 10. Rhonda Modern & Contemporary Full Length Mirror | 11. Anton Mirror – Standing | 12. Round Sorrento Mirror


We have mentioned in our farmhouse living room guide the reason why rugs are important to the farmhouse interior. Not only does it create an inviting and warm space, but it also adds character and texture to the room. Rugs can instantly transform a room from drab to fab. Plus, they protect your precious hardwood floor from everyday wear and tear.

  1. Webrook Geometric Black Area Rug | 2. HUG RUG Herringbone 100% Recycled Rug | 3. Bianca Indoor/Outdoor Rug | 4. Loopi | 5. Home Accents Antioch 9′ x 13′ Area Rug | 6. Dori Sisal Rug | 7. Yvaine Rug, Sky/Ivory | 8. Tricolor Cow Hide Rug | 9. Winn Hand-Knotted Rug | 10. Corbin Hudson Shag Rug | 11. Lilah Light Slate Blue Area Rug | 12. Natural Basket Weave Jute Rug

Decor Accents

To help you set the mood and style of your farmhouse bedroom, mix and match unique and personal decor accents like a farmhouse picture frame, shiplap wall, and wood ladder. If you’re on a budget and you are up for a DIY challenge, you can create these decor accents on your own. You can create your own DIY headboard for a truly one-of-a-kind farmhouse bedroom.

  1. Streamline Sand Timer | 2. VIVARAISE Gastounet Throw | 3. Floral Fragrance Jar | 4. Heron Ridge Accent Bench | 5. Braided Seagrass Tray | 6. Mixed Greens Wall Piece, Faux | 7. Color Block Pouf – Neutral Multi | 8. Teak Ladder | 9. Hanging Wall Planter | 10. Friends Peephole Picture Frame | 11. Aymeric Tuscan Semi-Sheer Brown Roman Shade | 12. Pewter Teardrop Mina Table Lamp


Lastly, to achieve a cozy and warm farmhouse bedroom, it’s important to pick bedding that will perfectly match your style. I know that choosing bedding is a difficult task. However, always remember this, mix layers, patterns, textures, and a variety of pillows for that stylish and Instagrammable bed.

Twelve On Main created a farmhouse bedding must haves to make the task easier.

  • Layers: think of having multiple layers
    • Sheets: it’s best to stick with a simple cotton sheet. However, if you live in a cold environment, flannel is a great option.
    • Duvet/ Duvet Cover: choose a faux down comforter or a nice down comforter. Also, choose a neutral colored and simple duvet cover.
    • Quilt/Bed Scarf: pick a simple quilt with some texture or quilting patterns for that farmhouse look.
  • Textures: mix different materials to create a cozy and inviting farmhouse bedroom
    • Antique quilt
    • Canvas dropcloths
    • Crocheted blanket
    • Linen
  • Patterns: to achieve the farmhouse bedroom look, Twelve On Main advised going for a grain sack pattern or ticking stripes. However, you can also combine patterns like light floral and stripes. The key here is to keep everything simple for that serene farmhouse bedding.
    • Light floral
    • Plaids
    • Stripes
  • Pillows: add different pillows for that comfy and cozy look.
  1. Polaris Cotton Throw | 2. YVES DELORME Plumes Quilted Reversible Bedspread | 3. Organic Rosette Jersey Quilt | 4. Stitch | 5. Pem America Pleated Twin XL Comforter Set | 6. Audree Pom Pom Quilted Bedding | 7. Luca Pillow Cover | 8. Mila Eyelet Throw Pillow White | 9. Leah Tufted Body Pillow | 10. Charron Faux Fur Throw | 11. Silk Hand-Loomed Pillow Covers | 12. Black And Ivory Kantha Jorja Pillow Shams Set Of 2

Farmhouse Bedroom Style Ideas

Recreate these chic and cozy farmhouse bedroom ideas.

Bohemian Farmhouse Bedroom

Create a bohemian farmhouse bedroom by mixing natural earthy tones and textures. Don’t forget to add cozy decor accents like boho throw pillows and lots of indoor plants for restful sleep.

Coastal Farmhouse Bedroom

Create a calm and light coastal farmhouse bedroom by sticking to pastel color palette like blue and desert sand. Add decor accents that resemble the ocean like a beach wall art, seashells, and wicker baskets.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

Mix old and new when decorating a modern farmhouse bedroom. Repurpose items that can be used as decorations to your bedroom. For example, baskets, buckets, cans, old pottery, rusting pitchers, and wooden crates. These can all be used to keep and organize your personal things.

Scandinavian Farmhouse Bedroom

The key to achieving this look is to mix cozy textiles and pillows in calming neutral colors. Paint your walls white, and if you can, create a shiplap wall for that farmhouse look. Lastly, furnish your bedroom with rustic nightstands to complete the Scandinavian farmhouse bedroom theme.

Shabby Chic Farmhouse Bedroom

Design a cozy and warm shabby chic bedroom by incorporating natural elements like plants and wood. For example, be creative in designing your wall. Instead of settling for a simple shiplap wall, add circular plant decorations. You can also create your own headboard for a unique farmhouse bedroom look. Mix floral and vintage decor for that country and timeless vibe.

That’s a wrap for our ultimate guide on how to decorate a chic and cozy farmhouse bedroom. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s blog. Happy decorating!

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