4 Bedroom Storage Ideas for a Clutter-Free Space

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Whether you’ve gone a little overboard with online shopping or you simply need a little storage, these easy bedroom storage ideas will help you keep your space spick and span.

These past few months, many of us have been addicted to shopping online as a way to destress and redecorate our space, especially the bedroom. Some of us (maybe a lot) went a little overboard during the holiday sale that we all have a pile of items we don’t know where to store. The result? A chaotic bedroom. Interior experts shared that a messy bedroom can have a negative effect on your sleep. So we’re here to show you easy and chic bedroom storage ideas that will help you keep your space organized and get a restful sleep.

Chic Dressers

Yes, we all know that dressers are one of the best bedroom storages you could use to keep your clothes and other necessities organized. It has a lot of space to store bedroom items, such as pillowcases, blankets, linens, towels, etc. Plus, it’s perfect for any bedroom size. Additionally, you can breathe new life into your old dresser by repainting it with the color of your choice, just like this wood dresser in a modern farmhouse style bedroom by Becca Interiors.


One of the must-have bedroom storages. It’s the ideal place to put your lamp, book, and bedroom plant. It’s similar to wallets or handbags because it stores all your bedroom necessities closeby, like a phone charger, vitamins, headphones, reading glasses, etc. For small bedrooms, you can opt for a sleek nightstand or floating nightstand so it won’t take any floor space.


Under-Bed Storage

Of course, it’s important to maximize your bedroom space while keeping its style. Under-bed storage is a practical way to keep your items organized, such as off-season clothes, shoes, or your kid’s toy collection, without spending on a dresser or another cabinet. It’s one of the genius bedroom storage ideas, especially if you have a small space.


There are no rules when it comes to bedroom storage, so you might be surprised that a sideboard can be the perfect bedroom storage if you have piles of clothes and bedroom essentials to store. It can also be the ideal spot to place your big screen TV. You can decorate it with artworks, books, vases of flowers, candles, and other accessories that will blend well with your bedroom’s style.

We spend a great portion of our lives in our bedroom. It’s where we sleep, relax, and sometimes work. So, it’s only right to keep the space clutter-free for a blissful sleep. Get a restful sleep by keeping your space neat and organized with these easy bedroom storage ideas. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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