How to Store Summer Clothes

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Save money and time next hot season by learning how to store summer clothes correctly.

Now that we’re slowly changing our wardrobe to fall and winter clothes, it’s important to store your summer clothes properly. Aside from it will save you money and time in the future, your summer clothes will be ready to wear whenever you need them. So where should we begin and how to store summer clothes as part of our fall cleaning checklist.

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The first step on how to store summer clothes is to sort and clean them. Sort your summer clothes and put them into piles, like a swimsuit, denim shorts, sleeveless, crop tops, and so on. Divide the clothes into “keep”, “fix”, “donate”, and “toss out.” Let go of summer clothes you haven’t worn this summer, or let go of items you think wouldn’t make it next summer season. Instead of spending money on new clothes, it’s best to save and fix clothes that you could still wear next year.

The next step is to clean summer clothes before storing them. Properly wash your summer clothes or dry clean them to avoid attracting bugs that’ll ruin your clothes.

How to Store Summer Clothes

Now that you’re done sorting and cleaning your summer clothes, it’s time to properly store them in storage bags, containers, or hang them.

When choosing to hang your summer clothes, choose sturdy hangers that won’t rust or discolor the fabric. We suggest thick plastic or wooden hangers. Hang jackets, skirts, pants, and silky fabrics.

If you choose to store your summer clothes in storage bags, choose fabric hanging bags since it prevents moisture build-up and damage compared to plastic storage bags. You could also use a cotton sheet or pillowcase to cover your summer clothes. Simply cut an opening for the hangers to slip through.

One of the ways how to store summer clothes is to roll them and place them in plastic boxes or cardboard boxes. This will prevent hard creases from forming, and you could save so much closet space. Choose plastic containers made from cast polypropylene. It’s the best and safest plastic material to store your clothes since it prevents yellowing and stains. Clean the plastic container, line it with a clean cotton sheet, and place your rolled summer clothes inside.

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