How to Style Your Bed Like a Pro

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Whether you want something simple and classic, patterned and pretty, or to create a comfy and cozy bed, here’s how to style your bed like a designer.

Raise your hand if you choose to snooze your alarm for an hour rather than to get up early and make your bed. Same. However, I always regret it by the end of the day, where I’m already tired from being an adult, AND I have to make my bed before sleeping. To be honest, it only takes a bit of effort to make your bed, that’s why we’ve collected foolproof ways to style your bed, and we’re going to take it a step further with layers, details, and textures!

Don’t worry because it’s super easy to make your bed look super stylish and Instagrammable with these tips and tricks. Trust us, it will take your bed from boring to chic, comfy, and luxe.

Bedding Options

First, we’re going to start with bedding options with the guide of Lux Deco. Interior designer Nicky Dobree tells Lux Deco to invest in every layer of bedding to get it right – mattress, protectors, pillows, and duvets. “Don’t scrimp on your bedding. Buy the best quality linen and duvet that you can afford.” These basics are your bed’s wardrobe to style a bed that’s luxurious and cozy.

Interior designer Natalia Miyar also added, “We choose high thread count linens. Fabrics and furnishings set the tone and theme of a room, and they need to enhance this luxury setting.” However, you should also keep in mind the fibers and brand for the best quality when you style your bed.


Here are the bedding options list to style your bed from Lux Deco:

  1. Oxford Pillowcase: a pillowcase with a loose flat hem (flange) around its perimeter.
  2. European Square Pillowcase: a 65cm x 65cm pillowcase usually propped up at the very back of a pillow arrangement.
  3. Accent Cushions: varying in size, accent designer cushions are ideal for bringing color and pattern to plain bedding and add interesting layers.
  4. Duvet Cover: a removable bed linen designed to protect duvets from being soiled.
  5. Flat Sheet: a plain sheet used between a covered mattress and duvet cover to save laundering bedding too often. Can also be used as a bottom sheet.
  6. Fitted Sheet: specially sewn and shaped to the form of your mattress including elasticated corners. Opt for an extra deep version if using a mattress topper.
  7. Throw: usually a knitted throw used for both decoration and extra warmth. Most commonly placed at the foot of the bed as a runner.
  8. Valance: designed to fit between a bed frame and mattress to conceal the box spring base or frame. These can be decorative or made from the same fabric as a room’s curtains or the bed’s headboard.
  • Housewife Pillowcase: a standard 50cm x 75cm pillowcase in which the pillow fills the entire case. Often the preferred design for sleeping on.
  • Boudoir Pillowcase: a 30cm x 45cm pillowcase which coordinates with the style of the rest of the bed linen and used for decoration.
  • Bedspread: a padded and quilted bed cover used as a lighter alternative to a duvet.
  • Mattress Topper or Featherbed: similar in structure to a duvet and usually made using feather or down, a mattress topper gives a bed an extra comfortable finish. Designed to be placed between your mattress and fitted or flat sheet.

Bedding Styles

Here are easy, chic, and fun bedding ideas by Studio McGee to style your bed:


Patterned and Pretty

Create a little more dynamic by selecting a pattern as your bed’s focal point. Style your bed with this patterned and pretty idea by using:

  • a patterned throw pillow
  • a duvet with a pattern

Break it up with textured solids:

  • a thick quilted coverlet, a linen throw with fringe
  • beautiful shams with pleated details to tie in with the end of the bed.

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Monochromatic Style

Style your bed with a minimal and relaxing monochromatic theme. The key to pulling off this look is to mix and match textures. You can also add in a decorative throw pillow to complete the look.

  • Use a chunky knit throw
  • stripes on the bottom quilt
  • and the prettiest linen duvet cover. Choose a linen duvet cover with an interesting and chic design, just like what Studio McGee used. Its got heirloom quality, 100% linen, and has a stitching detail with a crochet edge.
  • Top it off with a thick, natural quilt. Mixing whites and creams might make you nervous, but go for it! Your bed will look fab!

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Simple and Classic

White bedding will never go out of style. You can never go wrong with a simple, puffy white down comforter and matching shams regardless of your bedroom interior. It can make your bed look instantly clean, comfy, and cozy. To achieve this look, style your bed with:

  • A striped matching duvet and shams
  • Mix it up by adding a sheet in the same color but with with a crochet ruffle edge detail (optional if you have the same design), just like how Studio McGee styled this bed.
  • To create even more texture, use a body pillow at the end of the bed instead of a quilt or throw.
  • Finish it off with two shams that have frayed edges
  • You can add a leather pillow to complete the look. Plus, stack pillows and had them forward facing.

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How to Style Your Bed: Method

Step 1: First things first, to properly style your bed, invest in a great mattress, frame, and set of sheets. This will help you sleep better and support your body as you sleep.

Step 2: The Everygirl advised doing the top sheet by making sure to put the flat sheet in reverse (the finished side down) so that the softness envelops you when you get into bed. Also, don’t forget that it needs to be tucked in with “hospital corners.”

Step 3: Style your bed by layering it up. Place a light cotton coverlet or quilt on top of the sheets followed by your duvet. Want to learn how to fold a duvet? “Fold it in a half and then pull it back into thirds. This makes it look extra fluffy and leaves space for a throw, sheets, a quilt, and pillows,” advised by Studio McGee.

Step 4: Next, pillows! Question: how many pillows are too many? Answer: You certainly can have too many pillows! Style your bed by matching your larger shams to the duvet and put those behind your day to day pillows. For accent pillows, you can have as many as you want, but we recommend 3 accent pillows.

Step 5: Add the final touches to complete the look.

Step 6: Enjoy!

There are a lot of creative and chic ways to style your bed. Don’t be afraid to layer up, mix and match colors, textures, and details. Always remember to have fun with it! Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s blog.

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