5 Common Small Closet Organizing Mistakes

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Are you making one of these small closet organizing mistakes?

Organizing a closet, no matter what size, is a difficult task. Not to mention, it’s prone to messes. Yes, no matter how many gazillion times you organize it, it won’t always be Pinterest-worthy. However, do you know what’s more difficult? Organizing a teeny-tiny closet. It will make you lose hope and question yourself things about life, but don’t give up (yet) because you might be committing one of these small closet organizing mistakes.

So if you’re ready to try again, here are the small closet organizing mistakes you should avoid. Plus, their solutions.

No Clear Vision and Plan

When we decorate a small space, we don’t immediately jump on decorating with furniture pieces. We create a layout that will fully maximize the space. It’s the same when you’re organizing a small closet. You need to create a vision of how you’re going to organize your closet space. Where should you put your accessories? How about unused clothes? Do you have enough space to store all of your shoes?

Not Decluttering

Yes, decluttering is different from organizing. Some people would organize a closet without decluttering. This is a big no-no. It’s one of the most common small closet organizing mistakes that people aren’t aware of. Before you organize your clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories, streamline your wardrobe first. Most of the time, you have a lot of items that you don’t really use anymore. You can donate these clothes or sell them online.

Ignoring Random Items

Random items like gift bags, shopping bags, boxes, and everything that’s not meant to be in your closet, but ended up taking so much space! Get it all out and put them back where they belong.

Not Creating Zones

OK, so you’ve created a plan and edited your wardrobe. What’s next? Creating zones, of course! Group your clothes according to how often you use them, by season, by color, or by type. Whatever you think will work perfectly for your needs. If you have a lot of clothes that you’re not using at the moment, you can tuck them in drawers or storage boxes and bring them out when you need them. It will save you so much space for your everyday clothes and other items.

Mismatched Storage Items

Nothing triggers our OCD side other than mismatched storage organizers and hangers. Experts say that it’s best to stick to one color palette and style when buying storage products. It will make your closet look more uniform and clean. Additionally, avoid buying bulky storage products that will take up your precious space. Opt for flat shelf dividers or a foldable hanger rack.

Now that you’re aware of the small closet organizing mistakes, time to get up and sort out your wardrobe. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. You can do it!

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