11 Stylish Teenage Girls Bedroom Ideas

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From adorable and playful looks to sophisticated designs, all the teenage girls bedroom ideas and inspo you need that perfectly fit your princess!

The bedroom is more than just a sleeping quarter for your teenage daughter. It’s also her dominion, safe haven, and sanctuary to knock out their to-do list and spend time with their friends. It’s the perfect space for any teenage girl to express her own unique style. However, designing a bedroom that is both functional and stylish can be a tricky proposition since any teenage girl’s style can change easily from bright pink with a gold polka-dot theme to a pitch-black bedroom.

To help you get started to create the space of your daughter’s dreams, we have compiled the best teenage girls’ bedroom ideas you can do in almost any space. From bright & cheerful bedroom designs to cozy minimalist bedroom space, these ideas will perfectly reflect your daughter’s independence, individuality, and maturity.


Boho Chic

There’s no limit when it comes to decorating a boho chic bedroom. You can paint the walls any color your daughter wants, but if you both want a modern boho chic bedroom look, then we recommend painting the bedroom walls white for that airy and fresh look. Plus, it goes well with patterned pillows and rugs, textiles, and wood. Choose natural materials made of rattan and wood and decorate the bedroom space with colorful artwork and wall hangings, bold bedding, layers of rugs, and lots of bedroom plants.

Bold & Eclectic

Adding to our teenage girls bedroom ideas list is for the bold, eclectic teen. I guess we have all experienced this phase wherein we were so obsessed with patterns and vibrant paint colors, such as orange, purple, or red, combined with fashion-inspired fabrics and vintage pieces. This bedroom idea is perfect when your tween girl becomes a full-fledged teenager.

Cheerful & Functional

Teenage girls love bright colors that make the bedroom space look cheerful and a place for them to destress after a tiring day at school. Opt for white walls paired with colorful and metallic decor accessories and furniture for that clean but fun bedroom look.

Chic Grooming Space

Since your little princess is now a teen, it’s best that she has her own space to keep all of her grooming products organized and tidy. Plus, it’s also a space where she can comfortably get ready to start each day. Make the space glam by adding colorful catch-alls, mirror, pendant light, and stool. Don’t forget to decorate the wall with a whimsical pastel wallpaper.


Chic in Pink

Next on our teenage girls bedroom ideas list is every girl’s favorite color: pink. There are two popular shades of pink for teenage girls: hot pink and pastel pink. For a hot pink bedroom, we advise that you combine it with white to make the space look bright and modern. For pastel pink, pair it with different shades of gray.

Rustic Chic

Take inspo from this soothing rustic bedroom. The delicate lilac color scheme creates the perfect modern farmhouse theme for this bedroom. Be creative and use a wood palette as your headboard. Don’t forget to add stylish storage spaces for your clothes and bedroom items.

Cozy Minimalist

Some teens want a simple and functional bedroom space, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make it cozy. Stick with a neutral palette and add a few pops of color. Add a vase of fresh flowers or a pot of plant to enliven your teen’s bedroom space.

Fun Florals

Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors designed this bedroom with florals to make it versatile. Design a bedroom that will grow with your daughter’s style. It’s also best to invest in ageless, multi-purpose furniture that your teen can still use past her teen years.

Inviting Reading Nook

Adding to our list of teen girls bedroom ideas is to create an inviting and cozy reading nook. It could be as simple as a cozy hangout corner with a shelf of book and floor pillows or a grand reading nook by the window with a built-in daybed and curtains for a sense of privacy.

Make It Multi-Purpose

Every teen’s dream bedroom. Just a warning: your teen might not leave her bedroom once you copy this look since it has everything they need, from a decent study space to a comfy hanging chair and bed. I also wouldn’t leave if this is my bedroom.

Shared-Space Style

Sharing a room doesn’t have to be ugly. You can design the space by choosing neutral colors, then personalize it by placing initials of your teen’s names on the wall. You can also add neon lights and a cozy rug to achieve the look.

Transform your daughter’s bedroom from “good” to “oooh” with these teen girls bedroom ideas. Trust us, your princess will greatly appreciate it! Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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