8 Areas in Your Home You Are Forgetting to Clean and Organize

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Even if you are a neat freak, you are probably neglecting these areas in your home you are forgetting to clean. Take notes.

OK, when was the last time you checked the expiration date on your medicine, or maybe the lost pair of socks sitting under your bed together with the dust bunnies? If you have to think for more than 5 seconds, then you probably need to check these areas in your home you are forgetting to clean and schedule a general cleaning ASAP. Don’t worry because it won’t take you a whole day to clean and organize.


Bathroom Vanity

Your bathroom vanity, including your makeup and skincare products, don’t last forever. Throw items that are already expired, even it was expensive. It doesn’t deserve space in your home.

Cleaning Supply Stash

One of the areas in your home you are forgetting to clean (and you shouldn’t) is your cleaning supplies under the bathroom or kitchen sink. Install a tension rod, and hang your cleaning gloves and spray bottles on them! You can also store all of your cleaning supplies in a storage tub.

Fridge and Freezer

We all dream of an Insta-worthy fridge that’s color-coordinated and well-organized in clear containers. However, cleaning your fridge is never a fun chore, but you have to do it to prevent food waste in the future. One of the secrets of an organized and stylish fridge is to categorize items into groups and place them in bins and containers with handles. Keep the fresh fruit or veggies in front for easy access.

Garage or Storage Room

Your garage is more than just a parking space. It can also be your home’s extra storage nook. However, it’s one of the areas in your home you are forgetting to clean. Start by tossing items that are not needed. Install open shelves and wall-mounted storage for boxes and tools.

Jewelry Box

According to Amanda John of Strawberry Chic Blog, organizing her jewelry makes her wear more of her jewelry now than ever before. We can clearly see the reason why since all of your accessories are accessible in one place. Keep your earrings together, detangle your necklaces, and place rings in a ring organizer.

Medicine Cabinet

Similar to your bathroom vanity, your medicine cabinet is one of the areas in your home you are forgetting to clean when you should since it stores (obviously) medicine and vitamins. Toss out products that are way expired since it would only harm your health if you accidentally take them.

Nightstand Drawer

You probably didn’t know this (or maybe you do), but your nightstand is one of the areas in your home that quickly gets messed up since it where you store items, such as books, glasses, phone chargers, and small bedroom necessities. Remember, your nightstand is not your drawer to stash away items you think you will need in the future. Take a few minutes to declutter and organize it before hitting the sack tonight.

Under Your Bed

Aside from dust bunnies, you will also find your missing pair of socks, coins, earphones, charger, dirty cloth, and maybe George Washington’s false teeth. But seriously, under your bed is one of the areas in your home you are forgetting to clean, and we all know why. No one would look under your bed, except your mom when she does her visit inspection. Clean the spot by simply sweeping it. It will only take you a few minutes to get this task done.

Now that you are fully aware of the areas in your home you are forgetting to clean, take a few minutes to declutter, dust, and organize these areas! Get your home squeaky clean faster and more efficiently this spring with no-fail spring cleaning tips according to the best design pros.

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