These 4 Decluttering Techniques Are as Easy as ABC

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Declutter your home, one room at a time, with these easy and simple decluttering techniques!

Spring is the season wherein we generally clean every corner of our home. However, during summer, it’s sometimes a bit difficult to do cleaning chores due to the heat. Plus, many of us would rather spend our time outside enjoying the clear skies and warm weather. So it’s no surprise if you’ll see piles of papers, clutter, and dust gathering again in the corners of your home.

We know, it’s overwhelming and tiring to declutter your home all the time. That’s why we searched for easy decluttering techniques that would keep your home organized and clean the whole season.

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STEP 1: Declutter in Bite-Sized Chunks

Decluttering starts with baby steps to make the task easier. However, you don’t want to make the steps too small that it takes you forever to finish the task. Choose a small area or room to declutter, like your closet. Remove items that don’t belong in the space or you don’t use anymore. You could start decluttering with shoes and accessories and move to declutter clothes you don’t use anymore.

STEP 2: Make Decluttering Fun

We’re all aware that decluttering could sometimes be a boring task, especially if you’re really not in the mood to clean and organize your home. To make the task fun, you could listen to your favorite music or podcast. Why not make yourself an iced coffee while deciding on which items you should keep or throw? There are plenty of ways to enjoy decluttering and cleaning your home.

STEP 3: Use the Marie Kondo Method

One of the decluttering techniques that you might be pretty familiar with is the Marie Kondo method. Decide what stays or goes. Give up items that you don’t use anymore. It’s also best to throw items that are damaged or beyond repair. Keep items that add beauty to your life and space. Pretty simple, right?

STEP 4: Donate Stuff

One of the best decluttering techniques is to choose a place to donate items. It’s the best part because it makes the task a happy and fulfilling process, knowing that another person could use your old clothes or shoes. Remember to call the shelter to learn about what they need and the criteria for donated clothing items.

Try these decluttering techniques next time you clean your home. Trust us, it could help you be motivated and make cleaning day easy and fun! Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. You got this!

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