4 Easy Organizing Tips to Make Your Home Look Tidy

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Cleaning and decluttering your home is easier than you might think! Try these easy organizing tips to make any room of your home look spotless.

Believe it or not, cleaning and decluttering your home is pretty easy and simple to learn. No, you don’t need Marie Kondo’s skills to nail it. These easy organizing tips will help you overcome that constant struggle of cleaning and decluttering. Plus, it’s proven to work in any area of your home and any space size, even a small studio apartment!

Create a Catch-All Place

Yes, we are talking about your mudroom because obviously, it’s the catch-all place for the things when you walk into your house. Of course, since it needs to make a strong first impression, you have to sort through it and put each item back where it belongs every day to keep the area feel organized and tidy. Some prefer to use a small bin to toss anything and sort through it every few days.

Organize by Color

We think that organizing by color is one of the easy organizing tips you can apply anywhere: bookcasecloset, and kitchen shelf. It’s also fun to organize items according to the colors of the rainbow. Plus, it makes a fab décor statement, as well.

Stash Seasonal Clothes in the Bottom of Your Closet

If it’s not in season, stash it in the bottom of your closet. Yes, it sounds really simple. However, it’s best to let go of clothes you don’t need or use if you want to achieve a tidy closet. In case you are not sure whether you need it or not, then we suggest stashing it in the bottom of your closet until you come up with a decision.


Use a Pretty Tray for Small Items

OK, if you have a lot of small items on your vanity to the point that it looks cluttered, we suggest using a pretty tray and putting small items together, such as your makeup, jewelry, and skincare products. It would look completely clutter-free and organized, too!

No matter how big your mess is, these easy organizing tips will surely help your home feel clean and clutter-free. Give it a try and tell us what you think.

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