Holiday Cleaning Checklist: Get Ready for Your Guests With This Simple Clean Checklist

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The busy holiday season is upon us, so it’s best to keep your home in tip-top shape in less time with our ultimate holiday cleaning checklist!

We all know that the holiday involves a lot of prep work and cleaning to make sure your home looks inviting and warm to your guests. From checking off everything in your grocery list to decorating every room of your home, the list goes on and on. But before you start whipping the menu for the holidays and taking out dusty boxes of decor, it’s important to deep-clean your space from top to bottom.

Make every room of your home clean and clutter-free with our holiday cleaning checklist.

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Holiday Cleaning Checklist

  • Greet your guests with an organized entryway. Create places to store your coats, shoes, and other items. Return or throw items that don’t belong in the area.

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  • Declutter the living room by grabbing a basket and stashing away items that don’t belong in the room. Fluff the pillows and throws to make the space feel cozy and warm.

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  • Vacuum the whole home, especially the kitchen to get rid of crumbs and dust. Make sure to vacuum the carpeted areas. If the floor still looks dirty, it’s best to wash or clean it with a mop.
  • Wipe down counters and tables with a damp cloth. Don’t forget to wipe off kitchen appliances.
  • Vacuum or dust off curtains and blinds. Wipe spots in your windows with a glass cleaner.
  • Clean the dishes and the sink. It’s best to start a party with an empty dishwasher. This will also help you keep the dish pile to a minimum.

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  • Clean your bathroom by wiping down the sink, counter, mirrors, and mopping the floor. Don’t forget to put out fresh towels for your guests.

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  • If you still have time left after the cleaning and decluttering, it’s best to set the mood of the space by lighting scented candles.
  • Turn on table lamps to add mood to the space. Plus, a bright space radiates warmth.

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