How to Clean White Walls in 5 Easy Steps

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Make your white walls look pristine once more with these easy tips on how to clean white walls.

We all love painting our home white because of its simplicity and beauty. White walls could make your space look bigger and brighter. Plus, it’s so much easier to decorate with white walls. However, white walls are also the easiest to get dirty, and the wear and tear signs could be so really obvious. So how do you clean white walls without picking up a paintbrush?

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Clean White Walls With a Magic Eraser

A cleaning hack to make your white walls look new again is to use a magic eraser. We tried this, and it works! It’s pretty useful if you have kids who love to draw on the walls or if you want to erase light scratches. Simply wet the magic eraser, squeeze it out, then apply it to your white walls.

Clean White Walls With Baking Soda

One of the ways how to clean white walls is to use the ever-reliable baking soda. Dip a damp microfiber cloth in baking soda and gently rub over the stained area, then wipe it with a dry cloth.

Clean White Walls With Fabric Softener

Did you know fabric softener can make your white walls look spotless? It’s one of the cleaning hacks we’re surprised to learn. Simply mix fabric softener in warm water, dip your microfiber cloth, and wipe the smudged area. We love this cleaning hack because it also makes your home smell like fresh laundry.


Clean White Walls With Vinegar

Out of baking soda? No problem because you could clean your white walls with vinegar! This is helpful if you have greasy white walls. Simply add a cup of white vinegar in a bucket filled with warm water, then wipe the walls with a soft sponge.

Create Your Cleaning Solution

One of the most effective tips on how to clean white walls is to use a washing-up liquid mixed in warm water, then wipe it with a soft sponge. Make sure you don’t make the wall too wet as this can cause water stain. Leave it for five minutes, then rinse the area with a soft sponge dipped in water.

You won’t need cleaners or fancy tools to get the job done! Try one of the tips above to make your walls look sparkling white again.

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