How to Clean Window and Door Screens in 5 Easy Steps

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Enjoy the cool, fresh breeze this summer by learning how to clean window and door screens.

One of the best ways to enjoy summer is to open your windows and doors and let the cool, fresh breeze flow inside your home. However, flies and mosquitoes can get into your home and bother and irritate everyone’s sunny day. That’s why window and door screens are important during this season.

Unfortunately, your window and door screens catch lots of dust, pollen, and insect, so they need to be thoroughly clean at least twice a year: once during the beginning of spring or summer and once at the end of the summer season. Cleaning experts recommend vacuuming your window and door screens weekly to remove dust and to check for holes that need to be repaired.

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What You Need


  • Household ammonia
  • Water


  • Clean Towels
  • Hand duster
  • Old towels
  • Rubber gloves (optional)
  • Sponge or scrub brush
  • Two buckets
  • Vacuum with a crevice tool

How to Clean Window and Door Screens

STEP 1: Protect your floors and carpets by placing old towels around your work area. You could also roll a part of your carpet so it won’t get soaked while you’re cleaning your window and door screens.

STEP 2: Start by removing the dust by using a hand duster. Dust both sides of the screen, then use your vacuum to remove dust from the window and door frame.

STEP 3: Mix one-part household ammonia and three-parts water in one of the buckets. Fill the other bucket with water for rinsing.

STEP 4: Using a sponge or scrub brush, clean each screen with the ammonia solution. Be careful not to splash the solution on your eyes. You could wear gloves to protect your skin from the solution. Don’t forget to clean the window and door frame, as well. Rinse the screen by dipping a clean cloth in the plain water and thoroughly wipe down the frame and screen.

STEP 5: Dry your window and door screens by wiping them with an old towel.

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