How to Organize Jewelry in 6 Easy Ways

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It’s time to untangle necklaces and search for missing earring backs because we have solutions on how to organize jewelry and display them!

If you love collecting jewelry, you also know how challenging it is to store and keep them. Most of the time, you’ll end up with tangled necklaces, missing earring backs, or sometimes broken necklaces that need repair. So if you’re looking for ways on how to organize jewelry and display them in your vanity space, check out these easy and budget-friendly ideas.


Display Jewelry in Driftwood

One of the ways on how to organize and store jewelry is to add hooks to a piece of driftwood. It goes perfectly well with any type of interior style. You can purchase ready-made driftwood at different online shops, or you can DIY by simply screwing small hooks for your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Add some rope and hang it on your bedroom wall.

DIY a Simple Wooden Block Jewelry Holder

If you want to keep it clean and simple, then this DIY brass and wooden block are perfect for you. It’s easy and budget-friendly too! All you have to do is glue the dowel to the block and attach the block to the wall using a sawtooth hanger.

DIY an Industrial Pipe Jewelry Display

One of the ways on how to organize jewelry is to DIY a pipe jewelry holder. Screw the pipe into a sturdy block of wood, repaint it with the color that you want, and add your pieces of jewelry.

Hang Your Jewelry

If you have lots of long necklaces, hoops, or dangling earrings, it could be difficult to store them in simple drawer organizers. Instead, consider hanging them in hooks and chains. You can screw hooks and chains at your bedroom wall or back of your closet door, then organize your jewelry starting from the earrings at the top.


Use a Tiered Dish

A tiered jewelry dish is perfect to store small pieces of jewelry like earrings, rings, and sunglasses. You can purchase a ready-made tiered jewelry dish or DIY if you have the materials.


Use a Ring Dish

A ring dish is another creative way you can store and display your jewelry. Similar to other jewelry organizers, you can either buy this online or DIY with a small dish and cactus decor.

You’ll never lose earring backs or spend hours untangling necklaces with these creative solutions to store and display your jewelry! Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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