5 Helpful Last-Minute Christmas Cleaning Tips

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As an early Christmas present, we’re helping you make your home look perfect in time for Christmas Eve with our last-minute Christmas cleaning tips!

We know you’re feeling the pressure of making your home sparkling clean before your guests arrive. Of course, you want your home to look beautiful and festive once you welcome them, but you also need to check off other chores on your to-do list. To make things easier and to make the holiday season a little neater and more relaxed, we’ve compiled a few easy last-minute Christmas cleaning tips to help you make your home spic and span.

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Assign Chores

If you’re crunched for time, it’s best to ask for help from your family members. It’s their mess too, after all. Assign a cleaning task for each family member, like cleaning their rooms, organizing the shoes, placing dirty clothes in the laundry basket, and keeping their toys in the box. Make sure to assign easy and doable tasks to your kids.

If that’s not enough, you can hire a cleaning service or ask your friends or neighbors to help you out a bit. In exchange, treat them by cooking dinner and serving wine.

Clean the Entryway

Your entryway is the first area your guests will see once you welcome them into your home, so make sure to clean and organize the space. Here are a few last-minute Christmas cleaning tips you’ll find helpful for your entryway:

  • Arrange the coats
  • Clean the door
  • Clean the doormat
  • Organize the shoes
  • Winterize the entryway by placing a boot scraper

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Don’t Get Over-Ambitious

Now is not the time to try a new cleaning method or go on a cleaning makeover. Trust us, you’ll be stuck in whatever major cleaning task you’re trying to pull off, like cleaning the driveway. It’s best to focus on the cleaning tasks you can easily complete and move to the next task.

Prepare the Guest’s Bedroom

Of course, we know you’ll be expecting guests, so don’t forget to clean and decorate the guest’s bedroom. Make it cozy and welcoming by providing crisp clean bedding, a welcome basket, fresh towels, and our favorite, basket of snacks and treats.

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Priorities Your Workload

One of the last-minute Christmas cleaning tips that’ll help you make your home spic and span just in time before the guests arrive is to create a list of areas or rooms you need to clean first, like the entryway, living area, guest bedroom, and bathroom.

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