10 Clever Laundry Room Storage Ideas to Make Your Life Easier

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Storage is king, especially in the laundry room. Solve your laundry room problems with these laundry room storage ideas.

No matter how hard we try, doing laundry is the least favorite chore. So it’s no surprise that it’s easy to let clothes pile up, but we’ve all got to do it. However, believe it or not, you can speed up your least favorite chore if you have a system in place, such as practical laundry room storage ideas. Trust us, your laundry room will be your new favorite room!

Add Hanging Bars

Maximize every nook and cranny in your laundry room with hanging bars for air-drying and to hold freshly laundered items. Make sure to strategically position it if you’re going to use it to dry clothes and delicates to avoid puddles on the floor.

Hang a Pegboard Wall

Hanging a pegboard wall is one of the clever laundry room storage ideas since you can easily grab what you need. Plus, it keeps cleaning supplies and the laundry room organized.

Install Counter Space

DIY a countertop from plywood to fold your clothes and place laundry additives, baking soda, detergent, stain removers, and other supplies.

Install Floating Shelves

One of the easiest laundry room storage ideas is to install floating shelves if you lack cabinets, counter space, or storage space.

Invest in Matching Storage

Using identical baskets or matching storage baskets can instantly make your laundry room look clean, organized, and visually pleasing, especially if you have open shelves.

Label Everything

Organize your baskets and laundry supplies with labels.

Use a Bookshelf

Using a bookshelf is one of the clever laundry room storage ideas for a laundry room with no built-in storage.

Use Baskets

Of course, baskets are super handy whether you are carrying a load of laundry, need a drop spot for dirty clothes, or even just to catch miscellaneous items.

Use Clear Containers and Jars

It’s completely fine if you want to keep your laundry supplies in their original packaging, but using clear containers and jars can make your laundry room look chic and neat. Don’t forget to label them!

Use Pretty Hamper

Make your drop spot for dirty clothes in style with a pretty hamper. We recommend placing one in your laundry room as an easy drop spot for dirty socks.

Laundry day is not so bad after all, especially if you have these laundry room storage ideas to help you keep organized! Get your home squeaky clean faster and more efficiently this spring with no-fail spring cleaning tips according to the best design pros.

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