3 Organizing Trends, According to Professional Organizers

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Tidy your home in style with these organizing trends.

If there’s one thing we learned about style trends, it doesn’t just apply to interior or fashion, it’s also applicable in the world of organization. But before you jump to the conclusion that organizing trends aren’t a thing, or it won’t be an efficient way to declutter and clean up your space, you should give it a shot first because trust us, we’re actually loving these organizing trends. Don’t fret, they’re not going to stay forever, but it’s just nice to see your home color-coded or your closet with cute wooden hangers even for once.

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Rainbow Sorting

If you want to achieve that Instgrammable bookshelf, then color-coding your books is one of the organizing trends you should try. Of course, most of us are digging the neutral palettes or monochrome look, but if you love colors and you’re not afraid to try something different, then rainbow sorting your items is a good idea. Plus, it works well in a neutral interior wherein you want to add pops of color. Why not? Decorating your home isn’t just black and white. It’s nice to add vibrant colors to liven up the space.

Super Specific Organizing Products for Each Space

OK, this might take a bit of your time to do, but if you’re into organizing your items and creating super specific containers or boxes for each category, then this organizing trend might work for you. But then, it could be tiring in the long run, and it’s best to simplify everything. It’s still organized, only much more simple.

Wooden Hangers

Wooden hangers are one of the organizing trends we all love since it makes our closet look stylish and organized. However, one of the cons is if you need to replace one of the wooden hangers, it might be out of stock, or the design might have changed, and it won’t match with the other wooden hangers. Another alternative is using velvet hangers. It’s gentle on your clothes, and it can make your closet look 100% chic.

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