5 Practical Organizing Tips to Live by

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Keep your home clean and today with these easy and practical organizing tips!

Have you ever wondered how other homes keep their space super-organized and clean? We asked the same question to ourselves until we’ve watched an episode of The Home Edit’s Get Organized and finally figured out the answer! No, there’s no magic button or Harry Potter spell to keep everything in your space organized. However, the answer is crystal clear and much easier than you imagined.

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Declutter Before Your Organize

One of the biggest organizing mistakes is forgetting to declutter the space before organizing. Many of us jump to organizing that we end up with items we actually don’t need and takes space. It’s best to start by taking out all the items, decide whether you’ll keep it, throw, or donate, then that’s the only time you can organize with everything that’s left. Start with a small area first to avoid the overwhelming feeling of completing the task, then move on to bigger areas that you’re ready to tackle.

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Keep It Maintainable

One of the practical organizing tips we’ve learned is to stay realistic with your organization system. This is the answer to keeping the space organized for a long time. Once you create an organization system that works for you, for your family, especially for your kids, stick with it.

Add a Drop Zone

Of course, we know your end goal is to keep the space clean and tidy at all times. However, there are times when you need to toss something to your entryway console and deal with it later. So, it’s best to consider adding a drop zone for the items you need to organize by the end of every week or when you have free time. It could be as simple as a paper drop zone for all unopened mails, or package drop zone for all parcels and delivered orders or a basket for your clothes that you need to sort.

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Create a Schedule

One of the practical organizing tips to keep your space clean and tidy is to create a calendar system. Allocate your weekends for cleaning one room per day or put on your calendar to purge and clean your closet or pantry every month. It’s important to make time if you really want your home to be clean and organized.

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Go Vertical

Maximize any limited space by going vertical. Yes, that includes spaces under the bed, shelf, or cabinets. Utilize these spaces to keep your seasonal clothes or holiday décor.

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