9 Studio Apartment Storage Ideas to Maximize Space

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These clever studio apartment storage ideas will instantly make your space feel clean and spacious.

Clutter can quickly take over a studio apartment. There’s no doubt about it! However, there are plenty of ways to maximize your studio apartment space without giving up half of your stuff. Yes, you can keep your clutter at bay with these studio apartment storage ideas. It will instantly make your small studio apartment feel bigger.

Clean Regularly

Your small studio apartment will naturally feel more spacious when it is clutter-free. Fold your clothes, vacuum the rugs, and wipe down surfaces. While you clean your studio apartment space, have a mini decluttering session to check if there are excess unnecessary items you can donate, sell, or throw away.

Create Hidden Storage

If your studio apartment lacks storage space, you can utilize the space under the bed with customized under-bed storage. It’s one of the studio apartment storage ideas that will help you keep your space mess-free and organized.

Get a Room Divider With Storage

We recommend using a room divider that can provide privacy and doubles as storage space for your home stuff. It could be an open bookshelf that separates your bedroom from the rest of your space.

Keep the Things You Love

While we are all familiar with the saying ‘less is more,’ some of us can’t just let go of our stuff. However, it doesn’t mean that you should keep everything in your teeny tiny abode. Keep the things you love, the things you know you can use over and over again. Let go of the items that you haven’t used in months or even years, including décor that doesn’t compliment your space’s current style.

Maximize Vertical Space

One of the studio apartment storage ideas that will save you a lot of floor space is to use available wall space in your home. It could be a built-in shelf for your books and decor or floating shelves in your kitchen wall for glasses, plates, and tools.

Opt for a Bar Cart

bar cart is pretty much convenient if you need to move stuff from one area to another. It could be transformed into a coffee cart, plant cart, or even a kitchen cart for herbs and other ingredients.

Organize Clothes With a Clothing Rack

If you don’t have closet space, one of the studio apartment storage ideas is to use a clothing rack, install rods and hooks for bags and coats. Make sure to only display or hang clothes that you use most of the time and to store seasonal clothes in your under-bed storage.

Use Multipurpose Furniture

Using double-duty furniture can also add storage space to your small studio apartment, such as a storage headboard. It could double as a nightstand to place your book and phone.

Utilize the Space Behind the Door

Let’s not forget to use the space behind the door. Store shoes at the back of your front door, hang a storage rack at our bathroom door for your bathroom essentials, or hang accessories and bags on your closet door. You just have to be creative in utilizing every single inch of your studio apartment.

Living in a studio apartment will teach you how to be creative in looking for ways to add storage space. Trust us, we’ve been there! Even though you live in a spacious home, these studio apartment storage ideas can still be handy if you need a bit of extra storage space.

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