10 Smart and Stylish Small Dining Room Ideas

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Transform a small space into a stylish dining room with these easy and smart small dining room ideas.

Most apartment or home nowadays doesn’t have room for a full, formal dining place, especially if you’re living in the city. Plus, if you eat out most of the time. However, creating a dining room in your home gives you a space to enjoy your meal with family and friends.

Check out these stylish and practical small dining room ideas you can create in your home that will make every mealtime feel special.


Pop of Color

First, on our list of stylish small dining room ideas is to create a bright and colorful dining space. Bring energy to the space b adding vibrant dinnerware, chic and comfy dining chairs, throw pillows, and wall arts.

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At-Home Cafe

Bring the ambiance of your favorite coffee shop into your home by creating a small coffee bar/dining space by your dining room/kitchen window. Place your small dining table up against a window or wall, add bright and cozy stools to complete the look. You can also opt for an easy DIY wooden bar as an alternative to a dining table.

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Folding Dining Table

A space-saver solution to create a decent dining space in your home is to invest in a foldaway table. Use a wall-mounted drop leaf table or a foldaway table that could also double up as a desk space for work.

Murphy Bed Hack

Create a practical yet stylish dining space with the Murphy bed hack from Shoebox Dwelling. The pop-out dining table is actually part of the Murphy bed. A multipurpose space for sleeping and eating.

Dining Benches

Next on our small dining room ideas is to use benches for your dining space. You can tuck away these benches under the table when not in use, so they don’t take up floor space.

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Table for Two

Create a chic dining space by using a tiny table for two, like this round bistro-style table and upholstered dining chairs from Furniture Village.

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Floating Shelf

If you don’t have space for a dining room, you can still create a place to enjoy your meal by using a floating shelf. It can double up as a breakfast bar/dining table. Just add some stools, and you’ve got yourself a dining space.

Different Styles

Next on our small dining room ideas is to create a chic dining space with a mix of different styles. Plus, think outside the box when you’re designing your dining area. If you can’t squeeze it in your kitchen or beside the window, use another area of your home, like a large hallway.

Use an Extendable Table

Invest in a quality dining table that can accommodate dinner parties, just like this extendable dining table from Furniture Village. Stack away extra dining chairs when not needed for a neat and clutter-free dining space.

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Kitchen Island Extension

Lastly, in our small dining room ideas is to convert a part of your kitchen-counter space as your dining area. It doesn’t necessarily have to be as fancy as the photo, but simply create some separation for your dining table.

That’s a wrap for our small dining room ideas. It’s easy to do, practical yet stylish. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s blog. Happy decorating!

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