12 Inspiring Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Styles

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Transport to the countryside with these simple yet stunning modern farmhouse dining room styles.

You don’t need to own a farm or live in the countryside to enjoy the cozy and inviting farmhouse interior style in your home. It’s the perfect mix of chic and traditional. However, when it comes to a modern farmhouse dining room, it’s all about furniture with clean lines, neutral colors, open spaces, wood accents, and tons of natural light.

Here are simple yet stunning modern farmhouse dining room styles and get inspired to try this interior design style in decorating your own dining area.

Clean and Green

Who doesn’t want a bright, clean, and white dining space? Add different kinds of indoor plants and this modern farmhouse dining room is complete. If you don’t consider yourself a plant parent, you can opt for fresh flowers and fruits on the table. It gives the image of that farm-to-table lifestyle, even if you live in a busy city.

Bright and Airy

One of the main factors in designing a modern farmhouse dining room is to fill the room with tons of natural light. We suggest to use a blonde wood dining set for a natural tone. Plus, paint your dining area with warm white to give the illusion of a bigger and brighter space. You can also use sheer curtains for the windows or keep it open and add chic decors like an area rug, indoor plants, and dinnerware.

Moody Farmhouse

Meet the Gothic sister of the cheery farmhouse style, which is perfect if you’re not a fan of bright and airy. It’s a dark, moody, and almost-masculine modern farmhouse dining room. The deep seaweed green paint on the walls and ceiling perfectly matches with the oak dining set.

Glam Farmhouse

When it comes to designing a modern farmhouse dining room, you can mix different interior styles, just like this glamorous and luxurious farmhouse dining space. The beautiful rope chandelier looks perfect in this farmhouse-inspired dining space.

Thrifty Farmhouse

Go thrifty with a mismatched dining set, just like this stylish modern farmhouse dining room. It still looks cohesive, but not too uniform. Plus, the wooden bench looks comfy, and you can push the bench under the dining table when not in use to save space.

Vintage Farmhouse

If you’re a vintage lover, then this vintage-modern style is perfect for you. This antique dining set gives an old-world charm to this modern farmhouse dining room. You can use a light-colored area rug to add style to the dining space.

Pastel Farmhouse

One of the quintessential pieces in designing a farmhouse dining room is the spindle-back chairs. However, if you’re not into dark colors like black spindle-back chairs, then you can paint it with a pastel color of your choice to perfectly match your white modern farmhouse dining room, just like this powder blue spindle-back chair. It matches well with the white walls and ceiling and wood chandeliers.

Warm with Earth Tones

One of the interior design trends this 2020 is warm and earth tones because it looks cozier and inviting. Plus, it feels that the space is as one with nature, just like this gorgeous and cozy modern farmhouse dining room. Everything is filled with earth tones, from the dining set to the hardwood floors.

Dining With a View

This chic yet rustic achromatic modern farmhouse dining room looks perfect to entertain family and guests. Plus, the greenery view outside goes well with the black and white color palette and wooden accents.

Elegant Kitchen-Dining Space

If you’re not into formal dining room or you lack space to create a dining area, then you can try this beautiful kitchen-dining space by Emily Henderson. The white marble countertop and industrial-inspired stools go well with each other. Plus, the color of the cabinets makes this modern farmhouse dining room look elegant and inviting.

All-Natural Farmhouse

Although this modern farmhouse dining room looks small, it gives off a warm and inviting vibe because of the raw and natural materials used like woods, steels, and metals. Plus, the seats look comfy because of the pillows, and it looks spacious because of the full curtains and circle-shaped area rug. Let’s not forget the gorgeous chandelier and indoor plant to complete the farmhouse look.

Chic Modern Farmhouse

This bright and chic modern farmhouse dining room designed by Emily Henderson is the perfect balance of two interior styles. It’s both sophisticated and trendy. The exposed wood beams, well-curated layered table settings with fresh flowers, comfy dining seats, and glass doors that let the natural light flow in the room gives off a cozy yet stylish dining space perfect for entertaining guests.

That’s a wrap for our inspiring modern farmhouse dining room styles. If you’re planning to renovate your dining room into this interior style, keep in mind that this year, farmhouse interior style is going to slowly transform into a more sophisticated style, according to Sara Barney of BANDD DESIGN. Word art, shiplap, and galvanized tin will be replaced by elegant decors to create a chic and refined modern farmhouse style. However, we always encourage you to create a space where you’ll feel happy, and it reflects your personality and aesthetic. Learn more about interior design tips and trends at Omysa’s blog. Happy decorating!

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