5 Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Dining Table

Dining Table
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Choosing the perfect dining table isn’t that difficult if you follow these 5 simple tips.

Round or square? Wood or glass? Vintage or brand-new? Chairs or benches? Which one is right for you? There are so many factors to consider when choosing a dining room table for your place. After all, it is the heart of your home, where you sit down with your family and friends for more memorable dinners.

We have mentioned in our dining room blog that it’s important to check the dining chair and table heights together before you purchase them because getting the heights wrong can be very uncomfortable for you and your guests. However, it’s not just the heights of the dining table and chairs, but you should also consider the best shape for your dining room, the material used, and the aesthetic.

Justine Hugh-Jones of Justine Hugh-Jones Design recommended that 1100mm is the perfect width for a dining table, which allows for perfect table settings. Read on for sizes, shapes, and materials to consider when choosing a dining room table.

Make Sure to Measure

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a dining table is the dimensions. Consider these important measuring tips from Houzz:

Table-to-wall clearance: Measure the space around your dining room. For your guests to sit down and get up easily from their seats, it’s ideal to leave 42 to 48 inches between your table and the walls.

Table-to-furniture clearance: If there is furniture in your dining room, start your 42- to 48-inch-measurement from the edge of the furniture instead of the wall.

Another factor to consider when choosing a dining table is to get the right balance between the size of your dining room table and the amount of available space in your dining area. A large dining table in a small dining room can make the space feel cramped.

Dining table measuring tip: To test out a dining table size in your dining room, Houzz suggested to grab a bed sheet or two, place it where the table will go, and fold it into the shape of the table. You can also use masking tape and chalk to understand your space. This will allow you to visualize the space it will take up, then you can measure the wall or furniture-to-table clearance.

Choose a Shape

Round Dining Table: Choose a dining table that matches the shape of your dining room. This enhances balance and harmony. A round dining room table is a space-saving delight. It has no sharp corners and soft edges for the flow of traffic. Plus, it’s best for having conversations with your guests because nobody gets left out.

Design tip: If you have a small dining space, use a round dining table and add transparent acrylic chairs to make the room feel more spacious. Take note that a large round dining room table can make it difficult to reach for food. If you choose a round dining table 5 to 6 feet in diameter, add a lazy Susan to the center for convenience.

Rectangular Dining Table: It fits well in a long, narrow dining room. It leaves more room for traffic flow, but it’s a good divider for open-plan spaces to define areas.

Design tip: If you’re planning to choose a rectangular dining room table, it’s best to use a bench instead of chairs on all or one side of your dining table. Just make sure you can push the bench under the table when not in use to save space.

Square Dining Table: Similar to a round dining room table, a square table offers a more intimate dining experience because everyone is an equal distance apart. If you have a square dining space, then this is the perfect dining room table to choose from.

Oval Dining Table: This is a great alternative to rectangular dining room table because it’s more space-efficient. Plus, it has a more traditional look.

Sit Comfortably

It is important to create enough elbow room for your guests while chatting and eating. Your choice of dining chairs plays an important role in this area. Here are seating size tips from Houzz for a rectangular dining table:

  • 4-foot-long table seats four
  • 5- to 6-foot-long table seats six
  • 7-foot-long-table seats eight
  • 8- to 9-foot-long table seats 10
  • 10- to 11-foot-long table seats 12

Here are seating size tips for a round dining table:

  • 3-foot-diameter table with a pedestal base seats four
  • 4-foot-diameter table with legs seats four
  • 5-foot-diameter table with a pedestal base seats six
  • 5-foot-diameter table with legs seats four
  • 6-foot-diameter table with pedestal base or legs seats eight
  • 7-foot-diameter table with pedestal base or legs seats nine

Keep Material in Mind

When choosing the material of your dining table, consider your existing pieces. Choose a dining room table that blends well with your dining room decor. You can also mix and match for a vibrant, eclectic style.

Wood: Aside from adding warmth and character in your dining room, a wooden dining table’s biggest asset is its strength, and it could even last a lifetime if looked after properly.

In addition, it can withstand any damage, but it’s important to remember that wood can be quite porous. It doesn’t like water, so we suggest cleaning down your dining table with a damp cloth to clean any excess spillage. Also, use coasters and placemats when eating hot food or drink to prevent creating a mark on your table.

Glass: A glass dining table can be great because they are incredibly low maintenance and easy to clean. Plus, glass can make your dining room look more spacious while adding a touch of elegance to your interior.

Marble: Before you choose a marble dining table, you should know that there are two main types of marble, one that has a matte finish, and one that has a sealant which gives off a shiny look. A marble table can also improve the beauty of your dining room. Invest in sturdy placemats to avoid any dents or bumps.

Metal: A metal dining table is a perfect choice that works well with an industrial or contemporary dining room interior. Plus, it’s easy to clean.

Style and Design

Last but not least, when choosing a dining table, you need to consider your overall home interior style. If you have a 70s interior style, it’s ideal to mix old and new dining room decors like using a wooden dining table with curvy modern dining chairs.

That’s a wrap on how to choose the perfect dining table for your home! Learn more interior decor tips and trends at Omysa’s blog. Happy decorating!

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