7 Affordable Ideas to Make Your Dining Room Look Expensive

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Give your dining area the makeover it deserves with these budget-friendly and gorgeous tricks to make your dining room look expensive.

Question: what is your favorite area in your home? For me, it’s probably the dining room. I consider it as my happy place because I love to eat and spend time with my family and friends. However, designing a dining room isn’t easy as it sounds, especially if you love the high-end decor, but your budget is pretty limited.

Good news! Today, we’re going to make your dining room look expensive, so you can achieve your dream dining space without breaking the bank.

Add a Touch of Color

One of the easiest upgrades that can instantly make your dining room look expensive is to paint the ceiling or walls. For example, the unexpected coat of daring color on the ceiling of this dining room from House Beautiful makes the space look fresh and interesting.

If you can’t decide on the perfect color, we recommend a strong tone that is both dramatic and elegant, such as corals, golds, silvery grays, and warm reds.

Creative Lighting

Go for artistic and unusual lighting. Trust us, it will make your dining room look expensive, and it will be the focal point of the area. Plus, it’s one of the most crucial elements and fun part in designing a dining room. Make sure to pick lighting that can provide light to the entire space.

  1. Brass Everett 10 – Light Unique / Statement Modern Linear Chandelier | 2. Bungalow Pendant | 3. Hudson Industrial Pendant Ceiling Light | 4. Nolfi Caged Bar Pendant Light | 5. Shaylee 6 – Light Candle Style Classic Chandelier | 6. Large Capiz Lotus Pendant Shade

Hang a Unique Artwork

To make your dining room look expensive and well-curated, hang a unique artwork. Much better if it’s vintage since vintage pieces can make a space look its best while reflecting your personality. It can also add a touch of color to your dining area.

If you’re not into art pieces, you can create a gallery wall of your favorite photos in a grid of matching frames.

  1. ‘Donkey, Llama, Goat, Sheep’ – Print on Canvas | 2. Minimalist Gallery Frame | 3. Italy Coast Houses Minimal Abstract Painting Framed Art Print | 4. Gustav Klimt The Kiss Poster | 5. ‘Elephant in a Tub Funny Animal Bathroom’ by Rachel Neiman – Drawing Print | 6. Greenhouse By Sara Boccaccini Meadows Framed Canvas Wall Art

Liven the Room With Flowers and Plants

Placing flowers and plants in your home is always a good idea. Aside from the fact that it has positive benefits to your health, it can also beautify the space. Adding well-made floral arrangements can make your dining room look expensive without spending too much. You can also change the flowers every week to give your dining room a whole new feel.

Say Yes to Area Rugs

If you’re still asking yourself whether rugs belong in the dining room, the answer is yes. Yes, adding an area rug can make your dining room look expensive and pleasing to the eyes since it can help take the design to the floor, like this dining room design by Leanne Ford Interiors from House Beautiful. Adding a vintage cowhide rug under the dining table helps ground the space.

  1. Marley Handmade Jute Area Rug | 2. Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie Textured Eva Rug | 3. Medallion Loomed Rug | 4. Paris Medallion Tufted Rug | 5. One-of-a-Kind Cueto Hand-Knotted 2010s Collage Khaki/Tan 4’9″ x 6’9″ Chenille Area Rug | 6. Natural Basket Weave Jute Rug

Use Gold Flatware

This is by far one of the best tips to make your dining room look expensive and high-end. Add some shine to your table by using gold flatware. If you’re not a fan of flashy metallics, you can opt for black flatware or a combination of the two for that classy and moody look.

Wallpaper the Room

If you don’t want to paint your dining area, you can choose a dramatic wallpaper to make your dining room look expensive and stylish, just like this bold jungle wallpaper. Make sure that you pick the right wallpaper to create a mesmerizing space.

  1. Floral Trail Wallpaper | 2. Soft Blossoms Wallpaper, Blue | 3. Tropical Fete Wallpaper Sample | 4. Verano Wallpaper | 5. Gail Removable Wallpaper | 6. Dusty Teal Vintage Poppies Peel And Stick Wallpaper

That’s a wrap for our cheap and chic ideas to make your dining room look expensive and posh. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s blog. Happy decorating!

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