20 Festive Christmas Table Decorations for the Best Dinner Ever

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Feast your eyes on these beautiful Christmas table decorations you’ll absolutely want to recreate this year!

Aside from the festive Christmas decorations, one of the biggest reasons why we love the holiday season is the food! If you’re planning on hosting the Christmas feast this year, you shouldn’t forget to decorate your dining table for the occasion. Think floral arrangements, garland as table runners, handmade name cards, and stunning centerpieces to make your holiday dinner a memorable time.

Bring out the fun and magic of the season by recreating these 20 gorgeous Christmas table decorations. Trust us, you’ll have a jolly, jolly time with everyone on your guest list.

Accessorize With Ornaments

Incorporate extra or unused ornaments on your dining table. You can place it on the garland, like this wonderful dining table from House Beautiful, with blue and turquoise candlesticks. You can also match your glasses and plates to create a festive theme. Lastly, add throw pillows on the seats to make your guests cozy.

Add in Holly

One of the easiest Christmas table decorations is to attach holly leaves to garland and napkin rings for a festive, nature-inspired dining table.

Decorate With Flowers

Adding vases of flowers is another easy way to decorate your dining table for the occasion. Go for green and white flowers. It feels incredibly fresh, even though it’s simple.

Ditch the Tablecloth

Skip the tablecloth and use black butcher paper instead, like this creative Christmas table setting. Bring out your inner artist and paint on decorative details.

DIY Christmas Vase

One of the Christmas table decorations you can do with a family member or with your kids is to DIY a Christmas vase. Create a red and white striped backdrop for your fresh blooms using gumballs or marbles. If you want to make it more creative, use brown paper gift bags. Brush the bottom half with white paint for a snowy scene. Stuff with branches and pine, then wrap it with twine. Hang some ornaments like little starts to complete the look. You can get the full tutorial at Live DIY Ideas.

Don’t Forget the Chairs

It’s easy to overlook your chairs when your attention and focus is on your dining table. Dress up your chair by tying a small wreath to the back with a ribbon.

Get Crafty

Wrap knitted cozies around vases and wine bottles for a crafty Christmas theme. Add fresh white flowers and white plates for that perfect white Christmas aesthetic.

Keep It Simple

One of the Christmas table decorations you can easily do! Keep your dining table simple but elegant by sticking to nature-inspired materials and a simple color palette. Use gold flatware for a little dash of sparkle & shine.

Lay Down a Wreath

For a fairytale Christmas setting, wrap a wreath around a candle. It makes a beautiful table centerpiece. Plus, you don’t have to think about flower arrangements!

Mimic Snow

Adding to our list of Christmas table decorations is from Sugar & Cloth. Mimic the look of soft snow by using a faux fur table runner. Trust us, your dining table will look like the perfect winter scene. You can add bells or ornaments for a festive touch. Don’t forget to fold napkins in the shape of trees to complete the theme.

Mini Faux Fir Trees

Mix some mini faux fir trees on your dining table together with a long shallow serving bowl with fruit, then add a few vases of small flowers. Your holiday table will definitely have a seasonal touch without clashing with your dining room’s style.

Mix Metals

Another on our list of Christmas table decorations is to mix metals, like this dining table decorated for New Year’s by Sara Rodrigues and Robert Rufino from House Beautiful.

Mix Shades of Green

Mix shades of green if you’re going to use a garland as a centerpiece for your Christmas dining table. Add pops of vibrant red florals, napkins, and runners to break up all the greenery, then mix metallic accents and drinkware.

Modern Holiday Table

Adding to our list of Christmas table decorations is to create a holiday table modern with black and white graphic vases with burgundy flowers. Match it with graphic linens and tableware.

Relaxed and Formal Dinner

Make your Christmas dining table feel both approachable and special. Balance formal materials like metals with casual, farmhouse chic pieces, like a makeshift vase, striped linens, and wooden dinner plates.

Rustic and Romantic

A romantic Christmas table décor is to add a candlelit glow to garlands. You can see more at Once Wed.

Stick to Neutrals

One of the Christmas table decorations we love is this understated neutral themed centerpiece from Lark & Linen. It’s easy to recreate for the holiday season with glass and metal candleholders.

Try Some Jewel Tones

Try some jewel tones, like purple and teal, if you don’t want the usual green and red this year. It will feel chic and wintry, but not overdone.

Use Blankets

Adding to our list of Christmas table decorations is to use plaid blankets as a tablecloth. It creates a grounded atmosphere. Lay down a garland at the center of the dining table. For a pop of color, add a few tangerines.

Use String Lights

String lights will make your dining table more Christmas-y. Add them to your dining table with playful garlands, then print out little menus.

Recreate these beautiful and easy Christmas table decorations for this year’s feast! Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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