Are You Making These 5 Dining Room Décor Mistakes?

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These are the most common dining room décor mistakes that interior experts always notice.

So you’ve finally decided to update your dining room. We know that you have a lot of creative ideas in mind, but before you start decorating your dining space, you should take note of these dining room décor mistakes. Probably, you’ve already committed one or two in the past, and you learned not to do it again. However, there are more décor mistakes that interior experts always notice.

From choosing the paint color first to installing the light fixture a little too high, these are dining room décor mistakes that you must avoid if you want to achieve a dining space that’s impeccably styled.

Area Rug Is Too Small

One of the dining room décor mistakes to avoid is choosing an area rug that’s too small. If you’re planning to buy an area rug for your dining room, make sure to properly measure the space. It’s also best if you could bring a measuring tape with you to double-check the size of the area rug. It sounds odd, but interior experts do this to save time.

Choose an area rug that can cover your entire dining table and chairs. Don’t forget to place a rubber rug pad underneath to keep it in place.

Hanging Short Curtains or Drapes

Nothing looks horrifying than hanging curtains or drapes that are too short. Think of a tall person wearing jeans that are too short. It looks odd and disjointed. Remember to let your curtains or drapes graze the floor for a casual look.

Light Fixture Is Too Too High

Hanging a chandelier or pendant light at the wrong height is also one of the common dining room décor mistakes that we think everyone has committed. Yes, even us. The key in installing a light fixture is to make sure that it’s 3 feet above the tabletop and 6 feet off the floor. Trust us, it will make sense once you installed it.

Paint Color Doesn’t Match the Furniture

We know that paint color is one of the easiest ways to refresh your dining space, and with all the choices to choose from, you might be excited to grab your paintbrush and start painting. However, keep in mind that the paint color should match or at least complement your dining room’s furniture. Will the dining set look great in a teal dining space? Because if not, you have two choices. Either you return the furniture set or repaint the walls, which are both, by the way, an inconvenience on your part.

Style Over Comfort

We believe that you can have a stylish dining space without sacrificing comfort. Sure, it’s beautiful to look at a chic dining room, but what happens when you sit on the chair? Is it comfortable? Is the chair too high for the table? What happens when you move around? Will you accidentally hit the person sitting next to you? Is the dining table proportioned to the chairs? Can you fit an 8-person dining table into the space? Make sure to balance comfort and style if you want your guests to enjoy the meal.

Now that you know the dining room décor mistakes to avoid, we hope that you’ll be able to create a space where you can enjoy meals with family and friends! Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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