7 Stylish Dining Room Trends in 2021

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Whether you need a little inspiration or you want to redecorate, these are the dining room trends in 2021 that will surely impress both you and your dinner party guests!

It’s safe to say that your dining room is one of the most underrated parts of your home. However, today, if you’re anything like us, your dining room has become a multi-functional space where you eat some meals, spend time with your family, and work. Since your dining room is having a moment, why not redecorate it to make sure it’s in tip-top shape for everyday use? Take cues from these designers as they share the top dining room trends in 2021. Trust us, it will have you and your guests swooning. They’ll forget how inedible the pot roast is!

Clean and Airy Style

Quintece Hill-Mattauszek, principal of Studio Q Designs, shared that one of the dining room trends in 2021 will feel fresh, clean, and airy where you can just breathe.

Double-Duty Design

According to Joy Williams, principal of Joyful Designs Studio, in an interview with MyDomaine, “My clients are focusing more on their dining area, which again must serve several purposes. I’m finding that they want a pretty space and a utilitarian one, too, since so many meals are now being prepared at home. On the one hand, they need the extra space for WFH and school options, but they also want to entertain a select few friends since meeting and enjoying their friends at a restaurant is not possible as it gets colder and COVID persists around the country.

When your dining room is also your children’s study space and your workspace, it’s necessary to design the space that will perfectly balance these needs. The key is to invest in pieces that combine function and form.

Happier Mealtime

Cortney Bishop, principal of Cortney Bishop Design, says that one of the dining room trends in 2021 will be creating a space where family time and mealtime are one and the same. Make it family-friendly with plenty of room for friends and guests by designing a casual dining room that’s both inviting and warm. She added, “Traditional, formal dining rooms claiming a secluded space in a house feel like a thing of the past. Instead, we’re starting to see the focus shift to the blending of intimacy and functionality. I’d expect a transition away from 60-inch rounds to four-foot oval tables and more dining areas that break down literal and metaphorical walls.

Little Touches

Designer Kathleen Walsh shares with MyDomaine that people will decorate their dining rooms with things that will bring a genuine smile. It could be small changes, such as beautiful centerpieces, hanging art, or new table linens. Designer Allison Caccoma adds, “As so many of us are more than nine months into our (not-so-new-anymore) world of working from home, I think it’s about time we reclaim our beautiful dining rooms. It could be a quick coat of new paint color, swap out a mirror for old art, accessorize the dining table, or invest in new table linens.

Take inspiration from this family dining room by Amber Interiors. The colorful wall art, layered striped runners, and playful hanging pendants make the space look carefree, festive, and optimistic.

Natural Materials

Amy Leferink of Interior Impressions predicts that one of the dining room trends in 2021 will be more on natural and organic materials, such as caning, rattan, wicker, woven seagrass, and many more! She adds that people will start using them in a variety of applications, from furniture and lighting to accessories and window treatments, to enhance the beauty of dining spaces.

Outdoor Dinner Parties

According to Mitchelll Parker, Houzz senior editor, in an interview with MyDomaine, “We’re actually seeing a shift away from the traditional dining room, considering the pandemic has impacted the ability to host indoor dinner parties. Instead, we’re anticipating that homeowners will find ways to take dining outside and repurpose indoor dining rooms for other activities, such as workspaces and exercise areas. Many people are considering sliding doors or partitions that can close off rooms for much-needed privacy.

It’s not the end of dining rooms, but rather an upgrade from the traditional dining room experience, like this outdoor dining room by Leanne Ford Interiors that’s perfect for dinner parties and family gatherings.

Timeless Marble

Erica Peppers, COO and head of product of SNOWE, says that one of the dining room trends in 2021 will be serving pieces made of marble. She adds in an interview with MyDomaine, “There’s a reason why marble is so often associated with the kitchen and dining spaces. Besides being naturally beautiful and absolutely timeless, it’s incredibly functional. The same reasons that it makes for the best countertops make it perfect for the dining room.

Think: serving pieces that are scratch-proof, candle holders, and trivets that are heat resistant, and vessels that can keep wine nice and cool. The possibilities are endless, not to mention the fact that different marbles provide a beautiful array of colors and grains to match your tablescape, adding in organic elements while keeping things crisp and elevated.

What are you waiting for? Plan your next dinner party, and don’t forget to pair these dining room trends with a memorable menu to welcome the new year! Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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