How to Style Your Dining Table: Dining Table Styling Ideas for the Everyday

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Stuck at figuring out how to style your dining table without looking too fake? Yes? Then take your table to the next level with these helpful dining table styling ideas.

OK, don’t panic. I told to myself while I stared at my dining table full of junk mail and Amazon boxes. I have been cleaning and redecorating my whole place during this quarantine period, which I’m almost done by the way, but there was one area left, and you guessed that right: my dining table.

I know, I know that I have mentioned that the dining room is an important area in your home because it’s where you sit down with your family and friends for memorable dinners. However, how do you style your dining table on an ordinary day without looking super fake? So, I went to Pinterest and at different interior websites for inspiration, and I learned simple yet stylish dining table styling ideas.

If you’re tabletop-challenge like I am or stuck at figuring out what to do with your dining table, then read on because I’ll teach you dining table styling ideas for the everyday.

Fruit Bowl

Or breadbaskets or snack bowls. It’s a simple and fun way to add a little extra personality to your plain dining table. Plus, it’s practical because they’re one of the most useful kitchen accessories. Go for a modern and minimal look like in the photo with a simple wooden bowl.

  1. Jonathan Adler Gilded Muse Eve Fruit Bowl | 2. Salvatori Ellipse Carrara Marble Fruit Bowl | 3. Oxford Serving Bowl | 4. Millerton Footed Fruit Bowl | 5. Painted Mango Wood Serving Bowl | 6. Nambe Fruit Tree Bowl

Centered Vase

Next on our dining table styling ideas is to decorate it with a vase. OK, if you love flowers or plants, then go for a centered vase look to give life to your dull dining table. Plus, we all know that fresh flowers or houseplants are great for purifying the air in your home. Go for a tall vase with fresh florals, or you can also opt for a short and round vase with a potted plant like succulents. Just remember to choose a vase that will perfectly blend with your dining room’s interior.

  1. Nkuku Batwa Mango Wood Tall Decorative Vase | 2. Gumdesign Equilibrante Vase | 3. Gradient Vase | 4. Poetto Vase | 5. Bulb Vase | 6. Half-Dipped Stoneware Vases

Rule of Three

If you’re not a fan of the centered vase look, then you can style your dining table with the rule of three. It’s somehow the same ease as the centered vase, but it has more visual interest. Always remember that the key to this idea is the varying heights to create visual interest. Go for ceramic, metal, glass, resin, or wood table vase set.

  1. LSA International Canopy Trio Vase Set | 2. Bloomingville Stoneware Vase Set | 3. Kupia Handpainted Vase Set | 4. Le Morandine by Sonia Pedrazzini Natura Morta 5-Vase Set | 5. Potsy Planter – Set of 3 | 6. Judy Jackson Stoneware Vases (Set of 3)

Mix It Up

Next on our dining table styling ideas is to mix high and low table decors. This style creates a more visual interest compared to the group of three decors. Plus, it gives the eye a lot to play with. Place it in the center of your dining table to create a chic and effortless everyday style for your table, even if you don’t really use it that much.

Use a Tray

Style your dining table with a chic tray. This also keeps things close at hand, and it’s easy to move everything when you need to clean the table. Place your candles, flowers or table plant, salt and pepper shakers, and other dinner table decors in your tray for an organized table.

  1. Muuto Platform Tray | 2. Wabi Sabi Decorative Tray | 3. Marricreo Large Round White Tray | 4. Beaufort Tray | 5. Mariella Catch-All Tray | 6. Foundations Trays

Keep It “Casual”

And lastly, in our dining table styling ideas is to keep it “casual,” which means it’s less for every day and more for a simple meetup and chat with your friends and a few snacks at your home.

That’s a wrap for our dining table styling ideas. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s blog. Happy decorating!

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