8 Easy Steps on How to Arrange a Cheese Board

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Follow these cheeasy steps on how to arrange a cheese board that’s perfect for a girl’s night in, get-togethers, and summer entertaining!

We all love a well-curated cheese board! It makes our eyes instantly light up. There’s something old, something new, something stinky, and something blue. Yes, that’s how you arrange the perfect cheese platter for entertaining. However, not all of us can get the right arrangement whenever we create a cheeseboard. What goes in first? Where should you place the crackers? How about fruits and nuts? How much cheese do you really need?

Well, you’re in luck because today is all about cheese and how to arrange a cheese board.

Start With the Big Items: Bowls and Cheese

According to Life As A Strawberry, the first step on how to arrange a cheese board is to start with the things that take up the most room like little bowls to hold dips and small items. It will also help you break up the cheeseboard to help you how to place the other items, such as cheese.

Of course, a cheese board wouldn’t be a cheese board without the cheese. Remember to serve cheese at room temperature, which means that you should take it out of the fridge 30 minutes to an hour before serving. Serve cheese in different shapes to make your cheeseboard look more attractive. You can either cut them in slices, cubes or stack them up.

Add Meat, Bread, and Crackers

Next, add charcuterie to your cheese board! You can serve meat in a variety of ways, just like how you served cheese. You can simply stack them up, fanned out in a line or half-circle, or fold bigger pieces into fun shapes. Then add a handful of bread and crackers on the edge of the cheeseboard to make them easy to grab.

Fill in Big Spaces With Fruit and Nuts

The real fun starts at filling the gaps of your cheese board! The next step on how to arrange a cheese board is to add some fruits like grapes since it goes perfectly with cheese and wine. You can also add different nuts like almonds and walnuts. Place the nuts into the smaller empty spots on the middle of your cheeseboard.

Add Some Olives and Fill Any Small Bowls

Got olives? Add them to your cheese board! You can place them on the edge of your cheeseboard. Next is to fill up the bowls with dips and more fruits and nuts.

Add Some Some Greenery

Yes, we are almost done! The last step on how to arrange a cheese board is to garnish it with some greenery like fresh herbs. Add a few fresh herbs wherever there’s a gap on your cheeseboard.

TA-DA! That’s how you arrange the perfect and appetizing cheese board! Try these steps on how to arrange a cheese board for your upcoming summer get-togethers!

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