How to Style Your Dining Room Buffet Like a Pro

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Interior pros spill the beans on how to style your dining room buffet in 3 easy steps!

Did you know that decorating your dining room buffet seasonally could change the ambiance of your dining space? Plus, it’s always fun to redecorate any part of your home. However, for some, it’s not always easy to style a dining room buffet. Is there a secret formula behind those stylish dining room buffets on Pinterest? The answer is yes, and you’re only three steps away from a swoon-worthy sideboard.

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Before we jump with the steps on how to style your dining room buffet, here are a few guidelines to remember:

  • Decorate it seasonally
  • Don’t overdo or overlayer it
  • Stick to a color palette
  • Try to avoid using lots of small décor pieces (remember: less is more)
  • Experiment and have fun!

Another tip is to keep china and dishes off the top of your sideboard since it could make the area look cluttered and dated. Style your sideboard by keeping the dishes in the buffet.

Now, when you’re styling your dining room buffet, it’s best to use something organic like plants or a vase of flowers. Pros advise going back to the basics of styling, such as applying the rule of three, wherein you’ll arrange accessories in odd numbers. Make sure to mix three levels of pieces: high, middle, and low. Another tip is to group items by using a tray.

So, we’re done with the do’s and don’ts of styling a sideboard. Now, it’s time to break it down further in three easy steps!

How to Style Your Dining Room Buffet

STEP 1: Start with a clean slate and gather all the accessories or pieces you need.

STEP 2: The next step on how to style your dining room buffet is to add the tallest item and place it next to your anchor. An anchor could be a large piece of mirror or maybe a few framed artwork. The tallest item should be placed on either end of your sideboard.

STEP 3: Add the shortest item. Place the small items in the middle, like pots of plants or tray, to create a bridge between the tall items.

That’s it! You finally have a stylish dining room buffet. Of course, it takes a few tries before you achieve the style you’re looking for.

Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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