6 Ways to Mix and Match Dining Room Chairs in Your Home

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Add a pop of personality and visual interest to your dining space by learning these simple tricks on how to mix and match dining room chairs!

While there is beauty in uniformity, something is interesting and exciting with a room that breaks the rules of decorating. Yes, we’re talking about mismatched dining chairs that have been an ongoing trend. We know that it’s not for everyone, and it doesn’t suit all styles, but mixing and matching dining chairs makes the space more visually interesting. Plus, not to forget the fact that it adds more personality to the room.

You might think that mixing and matching dining chairs is some sort of accidental happening where you pick a cool chair in a flea market, add it to your dining room, and it instantly matches perfectly to the table and overall style of the space. We also love to think that it works that way, but it doesn’t. Learning how to mix and match dining room chairs is rather a curated styling of dining chairs from each other. So if you want to master how to mix and match dining chairs, here are the techniques that you should learn.

All Chairs Doesn’t Have to Match

We know that this is obvious, but some mix and match dining room chairs by pairs to make it at least look cohesive. However, if you’re a bit bolder in breaking the rules, you can mix and match different styles, shapes, and colors of dining chairs.

Make It Dramatic

Mix and match dining room chairs with different styles. Make it dramatic. Combine rustic, modern, and traditional. Choose dining chairs that are completely different from one another. You can pair a metallic dining chair with a wooden chair. It depends on the kind of vibe you want to create in your dining space.

Prioritize Comfort

Of course, as you mix and match dining room chairs, don’t forget that they should be comfortable to sit on, and they should be proportioned to the height of your dining table. This will make the style look consistent.

Think of the Color Palette

One of the tricks to make mismatched dining chairs look united is to be consistent with colors. You can either stick to the same color, but different chair styles or you can go for a rainbow assortment.

Mix and Math Eras and Styles

Mix and match dining room chairs with different styles and eras. It’s the main purpose of this trend. To add more personality into the space.

Go for Old and New

A dining room set looks polished, but it lacks character. When mixing and matching dining chairs, opt for old and new. A mix of vintage in the set can make the space look balanced with a story to tell.

We know we made it sound so simple to mix and match dining room chairs. Sure, it’s not that completely easy and it will take some time for you to polish the look, but it’s all part of the design process. Be patient in mixing and matching dining chairs. Take your time and you’ll be surprised at how beautiful the result would be. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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