15 Stylish and Modern Entryway Ideas

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Make a killer first impression with these 15 stylish and modern entryway ideas.

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but I’m pretty sure that your guests would judge your home by its foyer. We know that some are lucky enough to have a decent entryway, but what if you’re one of the people (or us) who are stuck with a dark corner instead of an actual foyer?

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore because we’ve gathered 10 stylish and modern entryway ideas to help you create a wow factor as soon as you (or guests) walk into your home.

Add a Small Stylish Console Table

Place a small console table in your entryway. It’s best to use that has storage, or you can utilize the area underneath to put your bags, shoes, and books.

Welcome Mat

Define the space by using an area rug, especially if you have a small entryway. Interior designer Amy Lutz explained that area rugs are great for creating a warm welcome. Plus, you’ll visually lengthen the walls and make your entryway seem larger.

Bright Patterned Wallpaper

If you have a narrow and low-ceiling entryway, it’s best to cover it up with bright wallpaper. John Fonda said that this trick will make a low-ceiling entryway seem more spacious.

Bring in Plants

Bring life to your modern entryway by decorating it with plants. If you want to make a grand entrance, you can place a fiddle leaf fig. It’s stylish and, it will make your entryway look sophisticated. However, if you’re stuck with a cramped and narrow entryway, we recommend snake plants. It’s also stylish, and it doesn’t take up too much space.

Also, choose a stylish planter to make more of an impact like Omysa’s Mid Century Planter. It’s an elegant and perfect way to add style and nature to your entryway.


Entryway Storage

Adding storage to your entryway doesn’t have to be boring. You can use pegboards as storage for your books, plants, bags, and even as a coat hanger. It’ll make the space into a one-of-a-kind modern entryway.

Create a Gallery

Transform the bare walls of your entryway into a gallery hall. This will surely create an artful first impression.

Fab Fixtures

You can easily turn a space into a stylish and modern entryway by using a chic chandelier or pendant light. Brady Tolbert did this idea in his own home.


Use a Floating Shelf or Hanging Shelf

Consider using a floating shelf or hanging shelf wherein you can put your keys and mails into your small entryway. We recommend Omysa’s Hanging Shelves. It’s perfect for your plants, books, key bowl, and mails. Plus, it won’t take up any floor space at all.


Multifunctional Furniture

To make the most of a small entryway, use multipurpose accents. For example, a stylish console table can double as a display for your photos, books, a lamp, and other home decors. It can also provide storage for your keys and mail. Another suggestion is Brielle Entryway Storage Hall Tree. It’s perfect to hang your coat, keep your shoes, bags, and other stuff.

Paint the Door a Bold Color

Make your guests go wow by painting your door with a bold color like canary yellow, midnight blue, or bright green. Doing this will define and draw attention to the space.

Patterned Floors

If you’re not a fan of rugs, you can use patterned tiles to your entryway to give the illusion of a rug and to help define the space.


Get Hooked

Jess Bunge advised that small entryways can be tricky, so take advantage of your walls. “There are a ton of affordable and stylish hooks and hook rails on the market to hang your jackets and bags. A floating shelf is perfect for throwing your keys and mail on and also adding a wall mirror is not only great for the last, Do I look presentable? check, but it will make your space feel bigger and brighter. Making holes in walls is scary, but I promise it is so worth it.”

According to designer Rebecca Axler of RTG Design, hooks are ideal for organizing outerwear, hats, bags, and anything else that might end up on the floor, hooks make it easy to make the most of a space with minimal square footage.


Pull Up a Small Chair or Bench

Placing a small chair or a simple bench for your guests to sit on or take off their shoes is enough. However, you can also get a unique entryway bench that’s practical and stylish, like interior designer Megan Pflug. She turned a set of old, fiberglass seats into a decoupage marble bench.


Tiny Entryway

For a tiny New York entryway, you can’t go wrong with a stylish mirror, a floating shelf, an area rug, and a mounted wall hook. It’s a perfect place to park keys, other small items, and to hang your coat.

Use an Oversized Mirror

To make a space look more spacious, use an oversized mirror. It will amplify the light in your entryway. If you have a low ceiling entryway, it’s best to use a round mirror because it doesn’t lower the ceiling.

01: palm print // 02: bust // 03: globe light // 04: burl console table // 05: ottoman

If you’re still in doubt on how to style a modern entryway, Room For Tuesday created a formula to turn your cramped dark corner into a stylish and modern entryway.

The Formula

Console table + object installed above for balance (typically art or a mirror) + a vessel for mail or keys (a tray, bowl, or box) + a light source (a picture light, floor lamp, sconce, or table lamp)

Those are the basics, but you can also consider adding the following to fill any gaps:

  • ottomans
  • baskets
  • umbrella holder
  • plant
  • floral arrangement
  • candle / matches
  • decorative objects
  • books

Leave your troubles at the door and start decorating your entryway!

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