9 Easy Steps to Organize and Declutter Your Entryway

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Declutter your entryway and give it a fresh start with these easy organization steps.

Your entryway is the first thing your guests will see once they enter your home, so it’s important to create a great first impression with an organized entryway space. Plus, if you’re prepping your home this coming spring season, why don’t you start by making your entryway an inviting and welcoming space.

Today, we’ve collected tried and tested tips on how to declutter your entryway. Roll up your sleeves and grab your cleaning tools because we’re going to make this space sparklin’ clean. But first, what are the benefits of an organized and decluttered entryway?

The Benefits of a Decluttered Entryway

Less Embarrassment: How would you feel if you had a surprise visit from your family and friends, and you welcome them with a cluttered entryway? They might think that you’re a grown-up who can’t even keep an entryway clean (well, that’s what my mom would think). That’s embarrassing. A clean and organized entryway will be much more inviting, and it will give a positive image to you and your home.

Less Frustration and Wasted Time: Have you ever experienced finding your key? The clock is ticking, you’re in a rush, but you can’t seem to find your key that you placed in your key bowl, but it’s not there because there is a LOT of random stuff your family leaves in your entryway. That will really put you in a bad mood, and you’re already late for your 9 AM meeting. Decluttering is the only solution to a cluttered entryway.

Decide on the Purpose

Your entryway provides a space to store outdoor clothing like hats, gloves, coats, and shoes. It’s also a place to hang your bags, keep your umbrella and keys. Be sure that you have what you need to keep all this stuff organized. If you have a different vision for your home’s entryway like you want it more to be a stylish space, then we suggest hanging eye-catching wall art. Create a list of the things you need in your entryway to achieve these visions. Plus, it’s important to understand your space before you declutter your entryway.

Declutter Your Entryway

According to Anjie Cho, a feng shui expert, and architect, the entryway to your home is the “mouth of qi,” which means that it’s the gateway for all the life force energy that will enter your home and life, so it’s important to keep it clean and organized.

You can declutter your entryway in 20 minutes or less if you include it with your daily cleaning task. It could be as simple as throwing out any trash laying around and organizing your bags, shoes, and coats.

Organize It

If there’s one thing I learned from Marie Kondo when it comes to decluttering is to do it all at once. Empty your entryway space then organize it. However, it depends on how much time you have to declutter your entryway. You can do it on a weekend, or you can also simply do a quick wipe down and sweep.

When organizing and decluttering your entryway, it’s important to have a place for every stuff like your umbrella, coats, hats, shoes, and bags. You can place an umbrella stand, install hooks on your entryway wall or a floating shelf, and add baskets for storage, just like in the photo.

You can also add a slipper station for your guests and add a puddle proof tray filled with pebbles for your shoes.

Good Sport

A bucket or a wired can for your kids’ sports equipment like baseball bats and balls can be a perfect storage space to declutter your entryway. Well, it’s not just for your kids, but you can also do this to organize your sports equipment.

You can also transform an old bookshelf into a storage space for your duffel bag, ballet shoes, yoga mat, running shoes, and other activities.


Don’t Lose Your Keys

How to stop losing your keys? Place it in the key bowl or hang it in your entryway. Really, it’s that simple. However, if you have a cluttered entryway, it’s not that easy to find your keys while panicking because you’re already running late.

There are several ways on how to not lose your keys, but the most effective is to stay organized and to declutter your entryway since it’s where you usually leave your stuff.


You’ve Got Mail

Your entryway collects a lot of papers like bills, letters, magazines, etc. A rule of thumb when you declutter your entryway is to keep only what needs immediate attention. For the rest, you can toss it, file it in a drawer, or put it in a basket like for your magazines.

Take Out the Trash

Declutter your entryway by taking out the trash and recycling materials. Let go of junk mail and empty your pockets and purses beside the trash can to avoid placing it on your entryway table.

Add Mirror

Well, it’s not really an organization tip. However, if you have a small entryway, adding a mirror can create an illusion of bigger space because of the light it reflects. Plus, you do a quick face check or OOTD check before you leave your house. It’s not essential, but it’s helpful.


Do Not Forget List

If you’re a forgetful person (like me), then adding a do not forget list will absolutely help you to remember things you don’t want to forget like bills to pay, your lunch, purse, overdue library books, to bookmark Omysa’s blog (just kidding), etc. Trust me, checking the list before you leave your home can save you lots of time.

You can add a chalkboard, whiteboard, or a noteboard as long as it will remind you of the things you shouldn’t forget.

That’s how you organize and declutter your entryway. Easy peasy, right? It’s nicer to go home or to welcome guests with an organized and clean entryway. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s blog. You got this!

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