Make a Big First Impression With These 9 Narrow Entryway Ideas

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Yes, that tiny nook by your front door can be an attractive and functional place with our stylish narrow entryway ideas.

It’s pretty obvious that we never get tired of writing about small-space interior design, from the bathroom to the bedroom to the dining room to the home office to the kitchen to, of course, the entrywayPhew! Yes, creating a functional and inviting entryway in a small space can be challenging, but we also know that it’s going to be fun and satisfying once you designed a proper place to drop your stuff when you get home.

Scroll on for narrow entryway ideas guaranteed to turn that blank wall by the door or that dark corner of your living room by the door into a pleasant entryway.

Add a Small Console Table or Storage Rack

Your entryway is the first thing you and your guests will see once they enter your home, so it’s important to keep it clutter-free and organized with built-in storage for your shoes or a petite console table to place keys and mail. It’s perfect for homes with a small, almost nonexistent entryway. Utilize the area underneath or bring in some wicker baskets to keep things you tend to trip over on your way out the door.

Bold Paint Color or Wallpaper

One of the easiest narrow entryway ideas that can create a big, artistic impact is to choose a bold wallpaper. It will surely define the space and make the area look bright. You can either choose to cover the ceiling or floor to ceiling. Combine it with a bold color for your home accents to create the perfect contrast.

Choosing the right paint color can either make or break your entryway space. It’s best to choose a bold and bright color to make your entryway look bigger and taller. However, it’s also okay to go for black or dark colors as long as you have enough natural light because the lack of natural light can make your entryway look smaller.


Decorate With Plants

Yes, bring life to that tiny dark nook by your front door with a plant or two (or three! or four!). No, we’re not making this up for you to buy more plants. Trust us, a lush tropical plant on a colorful planter can make a stunning first impression. We recommend plants, such as CalatheaJade PlantLucky Bamboo, and Money Tree, since they are believed to boost positive energy.

Define the Space Using a Rug

Adding to our list of narrow entryway ideas is to define the space using a rug. Small dwellers (like us) can completely relate to this, especially if you’re dealing with a space that’s really just the wall of another room. So make sure you define your small, almost nonexistent entryway by setting down a rug.

Hang a Floating Shelf

A floating shelf is a perfect storage solution for small spaces because it doesn’t take up any floor space at all. Be creative and have fun decorating it with candles, a key bowl, and a vase of fresh blooms.

Install a Large Light Fixture

Next on our list of narrow entryway ideas is to make a bright first impression by installing a statement lighting fixture that will make the space feel bigger and taller, such as a bold pendant or modern chandelier.

Mount Wall Hooks

A simple yet effective idea to keep your small entryway clutter-free and organized is to mount a couple of hooks, a perfect place to hang your bag, coat, scarf, or hat. Make sure to take the time to find sturdy wall hooks, so you can pile several coats, especially if you have guests at your home.

Oversized Round Mirror or Wall Art

One of the most effective narrow entryway ideas to make the space brighter and more spacious is to hang a mirror, but watch out for mirror placement. Most people will hang the mirror facing the door, which is not a good idea when you feng shui your entryway because when the chi enters your home, it bounces off the mirror and goes back outside. It’s best to hang your mirror on a wall perpendicular to your door.

Place a Cozy Bench or Small Chair

Yes, you have a small, almost nonexistent entryway, but that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze a small chair or a very narrow bench, pressed up against the wall. Add a throw to make it look cozy and a peg-rail for hanging your stuff. Don’t forget to utilize the space underneath by placing a catch-all basket to keep your shoes.

Small entryways can be tricky, but we believe creating an #Instaworthy entryway has nothing to do with size. All you need is a little bit of creativity and these narrow entryway ideas to inspire you to turn that tiny nook by your front door to a very inviting space brimming with style.

Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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