8 Best Feng Shui Front Door Colors to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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A fun and simple way to attract and bring in positive energy is to repaint your home’s front door with these feng shui front door colors! #WeekendProject

In feng shui, one of the most important areas of your home is the front door since it’s the main portal in which you can receive opportunities and positive energy. Additionally, your home’s front door represents the face you show to the world. It’s the first impression of you and your home. Plus, your front door can greatly influence your health, mood, prosperity, and well-being.

One easy way to attract and bring in positive energy is to repaint your home’s front door with these feng shui front door colors. Pay attention to what colors will work well with the exterior of your home. Also, with your neighborhood as a whole. But first, what direction is your front door facing? Choose your front door’s color based on the direction, according to The Spruce.

North-Facing Front Door

  • Feng Shui Element: Water
  • Feng Shui Front Door Colors: Black, Blue, Gray, and White
  • Avoid: Brown, Deep Pink, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, and Yellow

South-Facing Front Door

  • Feng Shui Element: Fire
  • Feng Shui Front Door Colors: Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, and Yellow
  • Avoid: All Earthy Colors, Black, and Blue

East-Facing Front Door

  • Feng Shui Element: Wood
  • Feng Shui Front Door Colors: Brown, Earth Tones, and Green
  • Avoid: Gray, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, and Yellow

West-Facing Front Door

  • Feng Shui Element: Metal
  • Feng Shui Front Door Colors: Beige, Gray, Light Brown, Light Yellow, and White
  • Avoid: Black, Blue, Bright Yellow, Deep Pink, Orange, Purple, and Red

Get Noticed With Red

According to feng shui, red is the most auspicious and powerful color because it’s connected to the fire element, which draws inspiration, passion, and warmth. Additionally, red protects and transforms negative energy. If you have a south-facing front door, paint it red, so that it will be distinctly visible from the street and attract good energy and opportunities.

Attract Good Energy With Black

You might not be aware, but black absorbs, attracts, and brings in positive energy, which makes it one of the best feng shui front door colors. Black is connected to the water element, which symbolizes depth and wisdom. It can also help support in building friendships and relationships.

Blue for Knowledge

Blue is connected to the wood element, which encourages growth and new beginnings. A bold shade or deep shade of blue is connected to the Gen area of the feng shui bagua map, which represents knowledge and self-cultivation. Blue can help support an intention to deepen your skillfulness, as well.

Brighten Up With Yellow

Bright and fun, yellow is one of the feng shui front door colors that support grounding and stability.

Bring in Joy With White

White is connected to the metal element in feng shui, which symbolizes cleanliness and purity. Did you know that the metal element is linked to communication, joy, and precision? Paint your front door with white to invite these metal element qualities, especially joy, into your home.

Brown for Support

Brown is one of the feng shui front door colors that can help you and your family connect with each other. It can help support your home’s balance, nurture you and your family, and stabilize the home.

Gray for Helpful People

According to feng shui, gray is associated with helpful people and travel, so painting your front door gray can help your intention to attract helpful people into your life or to travel more.

Green for Growth

Similar to blue, green is connected to the wood element, which is related to growth and new beginnings. Try painting your front door green to help you invite in new opportunities.

So are you ready to attract positive energy (and your neighbor’s attention) and make a good first impression with these feng shui front door colors?

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