Make a Dramatic Entrance With These 7 Entryway Paint Colors

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Set the mood and tone for the rest of your home by choosing one of the best entryway paint colors!

Painting a space is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to refresh or transform a home. It can either lighten up the atmosphere of the space or make it dramatic and moody. Similar to your entryway’s style, the color you choose sets the mood and tone of your home. So if you want to create a great impression of your space, why not start at your entryway’s walls. There are so many entryway paint colors you can choose from, but sticking to these classics will always be the safest and best option!

Classic White

Bright and airy, white is the best entryway paint color to welcome your guests. Plus, it’s so easy to decorate a white entryway space since any type of material goes well with this paint color.

Dramatic Black

Similar to white, black paint is one of the best entryway paint colors for spacious entryways with lots of natural light. Painting a narrow entryway in black can make the space look darker and smaller.

Calming Teal

Blue or teal is another paint color that can give off a soothing vibe. Match your front door’s color too to make the space look cohesive. Add materials such as wood, rattan, and plants for a coastal feel.

Bubbly Pink

Pink is one of the entryway paint colors that give off a soft and feminine vibe. You can pair this color with metallic décor and wood.

Elegant Gray

Similar to black, gray can look dark in a narrow entryway that doesn’t have enough natural light. You can either choose to paint all of your entryway walls in gray or opt for a chic color-blocking style, where half of the walls are gray and half can be white or covered in wallpaper.

Refreshing Green

Got plants? Then green is the perfect backdrop to display your plant collection in your entryway space!

Cheerful Yellow

We love cheerful entryways drenched in rich yellow color. It can instantly make the space look warm, sunny, and inviting.

Which of these entryway paint colors suit your space? Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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