4 Ways on How to Make a Small Entryway Look Bigger and Stylish

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Create a warm and inviting space with these ways on how to make a small entryway look bigger.

If you have lived in a small space or if you’re currently living in a small apartment, you’re aware that small spaces don’t have an official entryway. Yes, once you’ve opened the door, it’s straight to the kitchen then living space. However, having an entryway creates a great first impression on your guests. Plus, you have a designated space for your keys, shoes, coats, bags, and other items that you’d automatically leave at the entryway. So for small dwellers, we are forced to be creative on how to magically make an entryway look bigger and feel inviting.

Design experts say that even if you have a small entryway, it’s still a good opportunity to unleash your creativity and skills to make the space feel warm and cozy just like the rest of your home. Here are simple ways on how to make a small entryway look bigger, and of course, stylish!

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Entryway Bench

One of the ways on how to make a small entryway look bigger is to place a petite entryway bench instead of a console, especially if a table is too big or chunky for the small space. By placing an entryway bench and hanging a mirror with a ledge, you can create a simple yet proper-looking entryway. It’s best if you could find a bench with storage underneath for your shoes and other items. Remember, an organized space, no matter the size can look bigger and visually pleasing. Don’t forget to add throw pillows to liven up the space.

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Hang a Mirror

Speaking of mirrors, hanging a mirror in a small entryway can make the space look and feel bigger since mirrors tend to reflect light in the space. You can either hang a big round mirror or several small mirrors for a more stylish look.

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Paint the Surrounding Walls in White

Aside from hanging a mirror, painting the walls white is also one of the ways on how to make a small entryway look bigger since any white hue reflects light. Additionally, choosing a narrow console or entryway bench and placing décor with different textures can make the space feel bigger than it actually is. We suggest adding storage baskets, plants, and an area rug.


Place a Petite Area Rug

Of course, area rugs belong in the entryway, no matter how small the space is. There are lots of petite area rugs you can choose from. Aside from it can make the space look warm and cozy, area rugs can also help define the space, especially if you can only place hooks for your coats and bags instead of a narrow console or bench.

These ways on how to make a small entryway look bigger may be simple, but they would definitely create a huge impact in your home!

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