Winterize Your Entryway With These 5 Simple Tips

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These tips to winterize your entryway will help you create a functional and welcoming space for your home and family.

Whenever we think of winter, our brains jump to freezing temperatures, thick coats, wet boots, and collections of gloves, scarves, and hats. Imagine these items in your entryway. It’s not a beautiful sight, trust us, but you can keep the space functional, clean, and still beautiful once you learn how to winterize your entryway.

Winterizing your entryway is as simple as clearing out the clutter and bringing out more baskets for extra storage. Prepare your home’s entryway for what’s to come and keep the space functional for you and your family with these tips!

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Clear Out the Clutter

The winter season requires room for winter gear, so it’s best to clear any clutter that isn’t relevant to the season, such as summer gear stored in the entry space. Relocate these items in a different space so you can have all of your winter gear ready in the entryway, like brooms, ice scrapers, umbrellas, and even shovels.

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Winterize Your Entryway

Hang Hooks

If you have limited entryway space, utilize the walls by hanging hooks for your coats, bags, hats, gloves, and other winter accessories. It’s best to hang hooks in an open area of your entryway to help your winter accessories dry faster. Plus, it’s easier to grab them when it’s time to go.

Place a Chair or Bench

One of the tips to winterize your entryway is to place a simple chair or a storage bench where you can wear or take off your boots. It’s much more convenient rather than hopping around while taking off your wet boots.

Place New Rugs

Keep your entryway dry and mud-free by placing new rugs and mats. It will also help protect your floors during the cold season. We suggest using an outdoor mat for your entry space since it can withstand water, mud, dirt, snow sludge, and anything else you or your family might bring home. Don’t forget to place a mud tray for your boots, as well.

Provide Extra Storage

Winterize your entryway by adding extra baskets or coat hangers. Label each basket for different winter accessories like scarves, hats, gloves, and other items. If you have extra floor space, place a coat rack to arrange your coats, bags, shoes, and storage baskets.

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